Shocking Indecent Scene Caught On Live Broadcast Sparks Outrage

Shocking Indecent Scene Caught On Live Broadcast Sparks Outrage

A shocking scene shown on a live sports broadcast in Taiwan caught the attention of netizens, outraged and disgusted by what they watched.


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I just finished watching the university sports league match. I think someone is going to get sued. 20,000 people witnessed it together. It was too ridiculous.

– Viewer

The live broadcast was a volleyball match between the National Changhua University of Education and the National Taipei University of Education on April 5.

Volleyball match between the two universities | @SSUtv Sports/YouTube

During the match, the camera cuts to a woman, a volleyball player herself, standing on the sidelines. A person whose sex and gender are unconfirmed at this time walks up to the woman.

[Video could not be displayed]

As the woman notices the person’s presence, she appears to say something to them casually, suggesting that she may be familiar with the person.

[Video could not be displayed]

The next moment, the person is seen reaching out to the woman’s chest area.

[Video could not be displayed]

And the woman reacted by trying to avoid and slap the person’s hand away.

[Video could not be displayed]

Although the scene was deleted from the broadcast replay, netizens had already saved it. Many watched the clip and were outraged at what happened.

“Some guys are like that. They don’t care what the occasion is; they can’t control themselves. It’s so disgusting; I hate people like that. They don’t respect women at all. I wonder how he feels about his actions being recorded.”

“I can’t believe some people think it’s okay to disrespect each other as long as they’re a couple.”

“You can’t do that publicly even if you have a good relationship.”

“It goes to show that this staff could be like this in private, sexually harassing and disrespecting others. Regardless of whether they’re male or female, doing something like this in public means you’re asking to be sued!”

“Who’s the guy? He has such poor manners and learned nothing in school. He looked at the camera and then touched her. It seems like he’s missing a brain.”


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