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HOPE ON THE STREET opens with J-Hope saying, “I’m about to start my military service, so this was a chance for me to look back on my life. What is it that made me who I am today? The answer I kept coming to was dance. If I didn’t have dance, I wouldn’t be where I am right now.”
And it’s on that note that HOPE ON THE STREET invites viewers into the love story between Hoseok and dance.

Episode One

The first episode gives viewers a sneak peek of all that is to come–his experience in 5 different cities with expert dancers. This is a great chance to see how much this artform means to Hobi and what an incredible performer he is.

In Osaka, he meets up with two world-famous dancers. Hak-nam, also known as Boogaloo Kin, is known internationally as a dancer with deep roots in street dancing. Gucchon also joins in, a master at popping. Standing next to this incredible talent, J-Hope gets a little shy. It’s heartwarming to see that though he has achieved fame beyond both of these men, he is still humble and recognizes them in their own right.

Next, in Seoul, J-Hope focuses on locking. Regarding this style of dance, he says, “There are times I have to lock myself up, and times I have to let myself go. My life is similar to the locking dance in this way.” I loved these comments along the way that show how interwoven Hoseok’s life is with dance.

Paris focuses on house music. “It makes my heart race, just like a song. It’s exciting! It gets me pumped and it gives me a rush. I think that’s what house is about.” J-Hope really did come to life in this segment; so much joy on his face dancing.

While in New York, Hobi highlights hip-hop. There we see him entering a delightful challenge–dancing a style that is difficult for him! Here, J-Hope enjoys pushing himself; no wonder he is an amazing dancer!

In the preview of the last episode, Gwangju brings the song “NEURON” into the picture. This segment will bring young Hoseok back into frame, and wrap up all the sentiment of the season.

I personally think anyone could skip this episode and be okay, as it really just serves as an introduction without getting into the heart of the season. But it was a nice watch nonetheless.


Episode 2

Episode 2 introduces the song, “I Hope.” J-Hope comments on it saying, “I was just curious what my future would be like and whether I would still like the things I do now in the future. I’m curious about the future I will build and the futures of dancers who are working with me.”

Hobi meets up with Hak-nam and Gucchon in Osaka, Japan. It was heartwarming to see him become excited to dance with these professionals. J-Hope already knew Hak-nam from years ago and playfully jokes with him, but also has an easily observable respect for this incredible dancer! He comments about being nervous to dance with him several times, but still jumps in and looks fantastic!

J-Hope confides in Hak-nam that his mind keeps turning over the future. He’s thinking a lot now, instead of just doing, and it makes him curious. His circumstances, with fame and success, have made him less desperate. He describes the feeling he used to have as “I have to do this or I’ll die.” Without that, J-Hope feels less motivated, and wants to find his drive for dance again.

Seeing Hoseok learn from Gucchon makes me feel like he will accomplish his goal of finding that motivation. He seems inspired by being around these dancers. And I’m sure this inspiration will only continue through the show.

After a day of dancing with Gucchon, J-Hope shares a heartfelt meal with Hak-nam. Here, Hak-nam shares how proud he is of J-Hope, and how he has watched him grow from his student into a loyal and fully capable dancer. Those words really seemed to touch Hobi’s heart, and my guess is it will light a fire in him that will fuel the rest of the episodes as he grows in desire for dance.

I’m excited to see who J-Hope interacts with next and what life lessons he will share in Episode 3!


—-Ellie Boyd


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