Fans Of LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha Sickened By How Tabloid Exposes Dating Allegations 

Fans Of LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha Sickened By How Tabloid Exposes Dating Allegations 

LE SSERAFIM Kazuha’s personal life became the subject of intense scrutiny and speculation earlier this week when popular Japanese media outlet Shukan Bunshun revealed dating allegations.

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On April 3, Bunshun reported that Kazuha was in a relationship with a “handsome idol who is 186cm tall and 6 years older than her.” The idol was later revealed to be &TEAM’s K.

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HYBE quickly addressed these allegations. The official response acknowledged that while Kazuha and K did share a meal, it was purely in the capacity of friendship. This clarification did little to quell the uproar among fans, who soon turned their attention to the methods employed by Shūkan Bunshun in unveiling such private details.

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A significant part of the controversy stems from a recent episode of the Japanese variety show Talk Queens, in which Rino Sashihara, of AKB48 fame, shared insights into how the infamous tabloid operates.

According to her, agencies typically receive a forewarning three days before the publication of such news, leaving them with little room to maneuver. She shared her own experience of receiving a direct call from the reporter, where she even named Shukan Bunshun as the tabloid.

First, your agency gets a call three days before the outlet reveals [the news]. There’s nothing you can do once that happens. By the way, in my case, the reporter called me personally.

— Rino Sashihara

The behind-the-scenes glimpse into the workings of dating allegations reveals has stirred discontent among fans. Many are distressed by the idea that news outlets may engage in what some perceive as a form of blackmail against entertainment companies.

“The magazine call the agency 3 days before” so they called source to let them know they stalked their artist ? Kazuha I’m so sorry I really hope this isn’t true

— ୨ৎ fimchella ୨ৎ (@zuzzuland_) April 3, 2024

Others have even speculated that agencies might resort to financial incentives to prevent the publication of potentially damaging stories.

kazuha was with a staff member during the whole dinner outing and shitkan bunshit still released a dating article for clicks. wild

— hoodie_nako (@hoodienako) April 4, 2024

It really sucks if this true soumu should take preventative action. W all the hate trains during cb they still cant at least take good care their artists properly. Kzh is taken advantage of by dating rumor which is known fabricate stories even traded as headline for bunshun magz

— Hyewonizuhayo ~ (@gwangsoonnie) April 4, 2024

And it is true they did contact source, that’s y in the news article it said they contacted the agency in which they replied ‘no dating, just a a friendly hang out’ but they still go ahead and upload the news anyway

— ELL (@DN_ELLA_) April 4, 2024

Fans have rallied behind Kazuha, emphasizing the importance of not overstepping privacy boundaries, while also calling for a more respectful treatment of idols and their personal lives.

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