BTS Jin’s Actions Towards His Pregnant Sister-In-Law Made Him The Ultimate Gentleman

BTS Jin’s Actions Towards His Pregnant Sister-In-Law Made Him The Ultimate Gentleman

BTS‘s Jin previously enjoyed his free time by visiting relatives.

Jin at uncle’s strawberry farm. | @jin/Instagram

In doing so, he also visited his uncle’s strawberry farm. And lucky for him, South Korea’s strawberry season started at the time!

Jin at uncle’s strawberry farm. | @jin/Instagram

Of course, everyone wanted some strawberries too. So, the members were all asking him for some.

Screenshot on January 14, 2022. | @jin/Instagram

Jin: Strawberry

RM: Leader of strawberries, You went there to prove yourself

RM: Please bring some strawberries when you are back!

And, being the sweet man that he is, Jin delivered! He did so in person, too, so that everyone could reunite.

210116 @BTS_twt J-Hope’s Instagram Story

This guy’s a present too
Jjwan..strawberries are here..
And he actually came and gave them to me himself..
Hyung’s an angel..

Trans cr; Aditi @ bts-trans

— BTS Translations / Bangtansubs (@BTS_Trans) January 16, 2022

The BTS members are not the only ones who received gifts of fresh strawberries from Jin. His older brother Kim Seok Jung posted some strawberries on Instagram, saying that a “very precious someone” sent them.

He revealed that his pregnant wife, Ah Reum was craving strawberries. So, being a thoughtful brother-in-law, Jin delivered them himself, thus curing his sister-in-law’s craving.

Because a pregnant woman wanted to eat these, a very precious person personally delivered the strawberries themselves. So freaking delicious!!

— Kim Seok Jung

Jin’s sister-in-law Ah Reum | @kahreumi/Instagram

Jin is such a family man! We’re sure that his brother and sister-in-law enjoyed the sweet treat.

Au Reum (left) and Seok Jung (right) | @kimbutter_daddy/Instagram

Previously, Jin helped give his brother and sister-in-law’s baby a name! It even inspired a name-change for his brother’s Instagram account. Read about it below:

BTS’s Jin Is About To Become An Uncle — He Was Even Asked To Name The Baby

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