Video Of 2nd Gen K-Pop Idols Filming Dance Challenges Resurfaces 14 Years Later

Video Of 2nd Gen K-Pop Idols Filming Dance Challenges Resurfaces 14 Years Later

As a K-Pop fan, it’s almost impossible to imagine a time without TikTok dance challenges in which our favorite idols collaborate with other idols to promote their songs.


#해금 파이팅 넘치게 가보자구-! #Haegeum #AgustD #슈가 #SUGA #D_DAY #HOSHI #호시 #WOOZI #우지 #DK #도겸 #SEUNGKWAN #승관 #세븐틴 #SEVENTEEN

♬ Haegeum – Agust D

Yet, it was not always a thing, as TikTok wasn’t launched until 2016. Even then, K-Pop dance challenges didn’t really begin until 2020 when Zico’s “Any Song” officially launched the “trend,” as he introduced the point choreography challenge with MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa.


#AnysongChallenge#ZICO #지코 #화사 #아무노래 #Anysong#아무노래나틀어주세요#KOZ

♬ 오리지널 사운드 – kozico0914 – kozico0914

Most credit Zico for starting this trend, and even he takes the “blame.” Recently, he apologized for creating the “TikTok challenge” culture in K-Pop as he guested Point of Omniscient Interfere. He explained that idols can no longer relax between performances at music shows because they now “have” to film dance challenges.

Usually, singers have to rest or practice in the waiting room during breaks. But these days, they have to meet colleagues during that time (because of the dance challenge) and know each other’s choreography.

— Zico

Zico Apologized for creating the Dance Challenge trend. What are your thoughts about this? #kpoptwt #ZICO #Dance

— womanthinker-bell (@womanthinker1) February 18, 2024

Yet, there were artists who had done “dance challenges” long before he or even TikTok was thought of.

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Highlight’s Dongwoon

Highlight, known as BEAST (also known as B2AST), taught other groups their songs’ choreography years ago. A clip from their 2010 show MTV B2ST Almighty has resurfaced.

MTV will produce ‘MTV B2ST/BEAST Almighty’ with group BEAST. It is a concept program that will directly listen to the wishes of fans and viewers in the second season of ‘Beast’, which was broadcasted just before their debut last year.

— MyDramaList

In the clip, Highlight’s maknae Dongwoon was recorded, showing both KARA and Girls’ Generation members the choreography to BEAST song “Mystery.” If not for the styling and low quality of the video, it would look like a behind-the-scenes video from a TikTok dance challenge!

(2010) earliest footage of KPOP dance challenges that has been going viral nowadays#KARA #SNSD #HIGHLIGHT #BEAST

— ash (@hxxxlight) April 4, 2024


Before TikTok and Instagram reels existed, Beast had performed dance challenges with other idols.#비스트 #소녀시대 #카라 #BEAST #SNSD #KARA

— hlnews! (@hlx_news) April 4, 2024

The clip garnered attention on X (formerly Twitter) as K-Pop fans realized how ahead of the time Highlight was!

In other news, Highlight recently received trademark rights to BEAST after eight years. Read more below.

Highlight Finally Receive Trademark Rights For BEAST From Cube Entertainment After 8 Long Years

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