Netizens Ridicule Former NCT’s Lucas After His Solo Fansign

Netizens Ridicule Former NCT’s Lucas After His Solo Fansign

Former NCT member Lucas faces another wave of mockery following the first solo fansign for his new single, Renegade.

Lucas | @lucas_official/Twitter

Years after getting caught up in a gaslighting scandal, Lucas became active again in 2024. He withdrew from NCT and WayV in 2023 and officially debuted as a solo artist on April 1 with the single’s release.

Lucas 1st single “Renegade” image teaser | @lucas_official/Twitter

Since the announcement of his solo activities, netizens have continuously ridiculed Lucas due to his previous actions. Some even went as far as joking about his “death.”

Netizens Disrespectfully Joke About Former NCT Lucas’ “Death”

On April 4th, Lucas held a fansign with 30 fans. This also did not escape netizens who continue to hate on the idol.


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I saw a comment saying fewer fans are in attendance than the number of his ex-girlfriends. That’s so funny. How amazing, Lucas oppa.

– Netizens

Hundreds of netizens also commented negatively.

“Wow, I can feel the second-hand embarrassment even just by looking at my screen.” “A living joke.” “I’m beginning to suspect SM Entertainment is playing a joke on him. This is so embarrassing. I would not be so thick-skinned to stand on stage like that. What is making him so persistent?” “I’m going crazy, is he not embarrassed at all………..” “I wouldn’t post the group photo if I were you, buddy.”

Additionally, while Lucas sent messages to thank his fans after the fansign, netizens noticed his poor Korean. They questioned how he could debut with such a poor grasp of the language.


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Lucas: “To be honest, I didn’t want to go to the fansign just now. I want to keep talking. Thank you. I love you.

Netizen: “F*ck, look at his first sentence. You would think he didn’t want to attend the fansign. I almost thought he knew there would be very few people, so he was afraid to go, but he wanted to say he didn’t want the fansign to end. F*ck, go home and learn Korean all over again.

– Netizen’s reaction to Lucas’ messages

Instead of using the verb “leave” (떠나다), Lucas used the verb “go” (가다), which, combined with the rest of the sentence structure, meant he did literally convey the wish of not going to his fansign.

Lucas promoting his latest single | @lucas_official/Twitter

Meanwhile, Lucas will continue to promote his single Renegade and embark on an Asian tour in May and June.

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