Every ‘Stellar Blade’ costume and outfit we’ve seen so far

Every ‘Stellar Blade’ costume and outfit we’ve seen so far

One of the highlights so far for many people from the Stellar Blade trailers has been the customisation and options available to change up Eve’s look. From unique technology-infused suits to more simple bodysuits and dresses, there have been a lot of different options showcased and teased.

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And, if you are excited to check out the game later this month, we have the full list of Stellar Blade costumes and outfits we have seen so far, including screenshots of each one and a brief description of the overall look.

Come launch, we will, of course, have the full list, and in-game screenshots from our own playthrough.

All ‘Stellar Blade’ outfits confirmed so far

The full list of Stellar Blade outfits we have seen so far are:

Credit: Shift Up

Original Outfit

Eve’s basic outfit is a white and green bodysuit and has been seen a lot in trailers. It is undoubtedly a pretty iconic look to start the game off with.

Credit: Shift Up

Blue and White Trim Outfit

This blue and white costume is one of the more unique ones in this lit, diverging away from the traditional body-suit style and going for a more accented look mixing the three colours.

Credit: Shift Up

Cyber Outfit

This is a standard cyber outfit that we will see evolved in a few other screenshots below. However, this one is a solid grey and navy blue.

Credit: Shift Up

Grey Jacket Outfit

This is a pretty unique look for Eve and sees her add a jacket on top of her usual bodysuit.

Credit: Shift Up

Checked Outfit

The Checked Outfit is a pretty simple outfit with some trousers and a yellow-gold top.

Credit: Shift Up

Red Outfit

This suit is a little like another one further down. However, it appears to be slightly different with long thigh highs and some more electronic-looking parts attached.

Credit: Shift Up

Black, Green, and Gold Outfit

Similar to Eve’s basic suit, this one has some gold trims, with a little less green, as well as a Jade green choker instead of the usual neck collar.

Credit: Shift Up

Red Cyber Outfit

Much like her other Cyber suit. This outfit sees Eve adopt a long, red bodysuit with a scaly pattern on it.

Credit: Shift Up

Red and Black Dress Outfit

This suit is one of the only full-length dresses Eve can wear that we have seen so far. However, it is very glamorous with silver sequins, red glowing lights, and a sleek red and black colour scheme.

Credit: Shift Up

Yellow and Black Outfit

This outfit is pretty similar to her normal one. Instead, there are a lot more gaps in the suit for a sleeker look and we have a yellow and black colour scheme.

Credit: Shift Up

Crop Top Outfit

Dropping her traditional top and trousers. Eve instead opts for a slinky bodysuit and a red and black checkered crop top.

Credit: Shift Up

White Blouse Outfit

This outfit sees Eve switch out her suit for a pair of leather trousers and a white and blue blouse with a tie.

Credit: Shift Up

Red Overcoat Outfit

This costume sees Eve adopt a red overcoat and her signature hair is seemingly switched out for some plastic-looking oblongs – for style, we would guess.

Credit: Shift Up

Red and White Outfit

Another fairly standard look. This outfit sees Eve switch out her usual colours for a lighter red and white.

Credit: Shift Up

Gold Outfit

Eve’s gold outfit is one of the more unique ones we have seen so far. It adopts a number of add-ons including an advanced-looking choker and a wavy pattern to the dress.

Credit: Shift Up

Black Crop Jacket Outfit

The black jacket costume adds a pair of jeans in addition to a nice gold trim on the jacket.

That covers every single outfit and costume that we have seen so far in trailers for Stellar Blade. We will be updating this article closer to release after we have been able to check out the full game! For even more on Stellar Blade, check out the Stellar Blade demo which is available right now on PS5.

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