Dynamic rap duo Burner Phone drops banging single “LIKE THAT”

Dynamic rap duo Burner Phone drops banging single “LIKE THAT”

Alternative hip-hop duo Burner Phone is catching fire.  The two who make up the group, producer-engineer Isaac Rich and rapper jah., met each other when they were in 6th grade and bonded over their love of basketball, and eventually music.  

Fast forward a few years, and both creators find themselves in Los Angeles, hell bent on pursuing their dreams.  It seems they are getting closer and closer to success with each release, and the duo’s recent single “LIKE THAT” keeps their eyes on the top.

Combining relatable experiences from both members, the track focuses on a toxic relationship from both sides and provides the listener a closer look at Burner Phone’s more sensitive side.

“Usually, the songs I make are based on past relationships and experiences, but what’s different about this song is that it was written in the midst of a very messy situation,” jah. told 24 Hip-Hop.  “It’s a very vulnerable song, and I used that emotion to help fuel the energy in my delivery.”

“This song has a pretty sad subject matter, and I tried to portray what I was feeling in the best way possible, hence the lethargic delivery in some parts,” jah. added.

So, what’s next for the Evanston, Illinois natives?  Well, the buck certainly does not stop here, as the duo is set to drop one more single before their second full-length album. 

Both Burner Phone members say the new material is “completely different” from anything else they have put out before.  Because of this, one can safely assume that whatever Burner Phone does next will only make their meteoric rise to the top even faster.

Click here to stream “LIKE THAT” and other Burner Phone songs.

To learn more about Burner Phone, visit their website and follow them on Instagram.

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