California creator Ido exemplifies versatility on “Dying! At the Ralph”

California creator Ido exemplifies versatility on “Dying! At the Ralph”

Ido is an artist full of emotion, that’s for sure.  His rapidly-expanding discography has grown yet again with the release of “Dying! At the Ralph” — three tracks that explain how he perceives love and fights his feelings.

“Over the course of 2023, love was more clear than glass and showed a beautiful reflection of what I was feeling at the time,” Ido said.  “Emotions upon emotions were fighting amongst one another to show themselves in the light and take over my mood, or our moods as this happens every single day.”

As Ido puts it, he is looking to bash the stereotype of “closeting” vulnerability; in other words, he’s taking what some view as controversial and taking the taboo out of it in his own way.

“I’m nothing more than an artist who likes to do whatever he wants…I want to make stuff my way, produce things my way, not only because of certain funding allocation, but [because] this is my music and my agenda,” Ido said.  “Sure it would be nice to appeal to the masses but in the end, it wouldn’t really be me.”

Heavily influenced by operas, hip-hop and techno, Ido has mastered the art of genre blending, and despite being just three songs, “Dying! At the Ralph” encapsulates the Baldwin Park, California native’s perspective on love and life.

“[What inspired this release was] heartbreak and wanting to not give up on love with a future somebody,” Ido said.  “But also still being in love with the person you left…[the project] was made to dwell in love and what love can bring you, not what it takes away.”

Musical experimentation is in the cards for Ido; he’s on a quest to learn how to compose “pieces of classical and modern notation” while also taking more action in his opera studies.

If there’s one thing Ido wants you to take away from “Dying! At the Ralph,” it would be:

“Focus on what’s left, not what left.” 

Learn more about Ido by visiting his website and following him on Instagram.

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