Boy Idol Group Member Shares His Tip To Being Street Cast 12 Times

Boy Idol Group Member Shares His Tip To Being Street Cast 12 Times

Previously, on KBS KPOP’s Eunchae Star Diary, LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae met up with the TNX members for an interview! During the segment, fans asked them many questions to answer.

One question, in particular, gained much attention regarding member Kyungjun, known for being street cast by agencies 12 times!

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The power of being street cast 12 times! Street cast top tier Kyungjun! Are there any tips or ways to be street cast? What do you think is the reason you were street cast so many times? (Probably your visuals?)

With this, Eunchae asked which agencies he’s received casting invites to.

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Eunchae: Which agencies have reached out to you?
Kyungjun: JYP two or three times, then SM, Big Hit, YG, Pledis, and lastly from P NATION.

In regards to the question from the fan, he gave a fairly simple answer.

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Just be natural and go about your day like usual.

— Kyungjun

He added that because this has happened to him a few times, he can just tell when someone is about to come up to him.

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(He can tell just by making eye contact) Right then, I know what’s coming.

— Kyungjun

And to think he originally wanted to be surgeon before this!

원래 꿈은 외과의사엿는데 한국 오고 길캐를 당했다는 경준이 ♡..#우경준 #라우드 #LOUD

— 을짱 (@Boysbe_0830) July 31, 2021

I originally wanted to be a surgeon, but when I returned to Korea I was street cast and that’s how it all started.

— Kyungjun

But I mean, come on, with a face like this, it’s only natural that he was cast so many times!


On the other hand, TNX has recently made a comeback with their first digital single, FUEGO.

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