Barcelona Post-Punk Trio Low Blows Debut Video for Rebellious Anthem “Go!”

Barcelona Post-Punk Trio Low Blows Debut Video for Rebellious Anthem “Go!”

I’m going down the hill
running away from myself
just waiting for my death
hiding away from myself

In their latest single Go!, Barcelona’s power post-punk trio Low Blows serves up a hefty dose of rebellion, infused with a gritty, dystopian edge and a sound reminiscent of early U2. The track, layered with sharp, post-punk guitar work, carries the echo of Interpol’s brooding delivery and the industrial chill of Gary Numan’s classic phase.

“We are romantics, existentialists, and somewhat pessimistic, but we seek to be constructive through our critical thinking towards the status quo and mass culture.”

Produced under the watchful eye of Matteo Vallicelli (The Soft Moon), Go! delves into the fleeting essence of existence, championing the right to live life on one’s own terms, against the backdrop of societal skepticism and the looming specter of mortality. The lyrics are a defiant call to arms, a declaration of independence from the weight of external judgment, encapsulating a raw desire to carve out a personal path, even as the end draws near.

Go! serves as a poignant meditation on life’s transience, urging us to seize autonomy amidst the ephemeral dance with time. It’s a bold rebuke of conformity, an ode to personal sovereignty in the shadow of death, embodying the fierce yearning to sculpt one’s legacy, undeterred by the finite march of existence.

In their latest visual offering, Low Blows teams up with director Carlos Vergara for a stripped-down, black and white performance piece that’s unvarnished and  compelling. The video captures the band’s raw magnetism and electric stage presence, presenting a no-frills glimpse into their dynamic energy.

Watch the video for “Go!” below:

On having Matteo Vallicelli of The Soft Moon to produce “Go!” Low Blows adds: “Working with Matteo has been super easy; our drummer Rubén contacted him because he needed help with the Roland SPD-SX that they both have, and one thing brought to the other, and the idea came out,” says the band. “As a producer, he proposed changing the structure and added instruments and a lot of magic and made the song so much better. For us it felt like he nailed it and we are super happy about the result.”

Listen to and purchase the song below:

Go! by Low Blows

More news will come this year, including more singles and the release of their second LP by the end of 2024. If you’re in Spain: catch them live at El Perro de la Parte de Atrás del Coche in Madrid on the 11th of April.

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