BABYMONSTER Confidently Answers What Makes Them Different From Other Groups

BABYMONSTER Confidently Answers What Makes Them Different From Other Groups

BABYMONSTER is the newest group to come out from YG Entertainment. They debuted on April 1 with their title track “SHEESH,” showcasing a strong hip hop performance that was in line with the company’s distinct color.

Made up of members, Ruka, Pharita, Asa, Ahyeon, Rami, Rora, and Chiquita, they are the first girl group to debut after BLACKPINK, one of the most legendary groups in K-Pop history.

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During their debut showcase, they were asked to differentiate themselves from their older sister group. In their own words, BABYMONSTER stands out with their young ages which can be seen in their performances. They range from 14 to 22 years old while BLACKPINK is currently 27 to 29 years old.

We have two different traits. Since our members are young, we want to channel a more teenage feeling [into our music and performance] too.


BABYMONSTER’s name is derived from two words, BABY and MONSTER, which showcases their duality: they are sweet and youthful off stage and charismatic and cool on it.

When asked if they felt any pressure with being called BLACKPINK’s little sisters, Rami denied this and instead brought up their gratitude.

I think it’s a great honor just being able to receive such a title. I think we received a lot of attention thanks to this. We are truly honored and grateful as we have received a lot of attention in the past and until now.


The girls were also directly asked about fellow fifth generation girl group, ILLIT, the newest group from BELIFT LAB. Though the question was later flagged by netizens for being inappropriate, the girls still had a professional answer ready at hand.

I have a close acquaintance among the ILLIT members. I am rooting for them as colleagues.

— Rora

Rora explained that they will differentiate themselves with their hip hop concept, a noticeable difference from the soft pop vibe of ILLIT’s debut song “Magnetic.”

We will perform with our own hip-hop vibe.

— Rora

Though the competition is tough in the current K-Pop market, the girls are ready to hold their ground and prove themselves.

Rora: There are many prominent people in the fifth generation of idols so we plan to work hard without giving in. I will not be discouraged and I’ll make sure to trust the members.

Ahyeon: I think it’s more important how much we improve ourselves than competition with other groups. We need to create a close and cool side of each other.

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