When Will Bryson Tiller’s New Album Be On Spotify?

When Will Bryson Tiller’s New Album Be On Spotify?

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Bryson Tiller is set to release his self-titled new album in just a few hours — and the anticipation for his first full record in four years is incredibly high. So far, he’s treated fans to two singles with “Outside” and “Calypso.”

The album also features Clara La San on “Random Access Memory” and Grammy winner Victoria Monét on “Persuasion” — two of the nineteen tracks.

For those who are hoping to stream it on Spotify, here’s what to know about when you’ll be able to hear it.

When Will Bryson Tiller’s New Album Be On Spotify?

Fans can listen to Bryson Tiller’s new album on Spotify starting at midnight ET or 9 p.m. PT, depending on what time zone you are in. It will also be out on other streaming platforms like Apple Music.

“I just feel like it wasn’t time to try to get people to believe in some new concept or some new world that I’m trying to create for people,” Tiller previously shared. “I feel now is the time to just show people what I’m capable of.”

For more information about the album, including the tracklist and details about Tiller’s upcoming tour, check out Uproxx’s explainer here.

Bryson Tiller is out 4/5 via RCA Records. Find more information here.

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