The Dreams We Used to Have — Liverpool Post-Punk Duo So, Reverie Debut Bittersweet Video for “Sentimentality”

The Dreams We Used to Have — Liverpool Post-Punk Duo So, Reverie Debut Bittersweet Video for “Sentimentality”

The sun blinds out the love we know

The seasons come and then they go

Time can never bring us back

To the dreams we used to have

So, Reverie, a post-punk duo from Liverpool, is the dynamic partnership of Andy Power on lead vocals and guitar, alongside Cain Garcia handling guitar and drums. Born from the ashes of their previous band Avalyn, Power and Garcia rekindled their collaboration, fueled by a mutual love for edgy guitar tunes and a shared critique of the UK’s current music landscape. Their mission is to be the kind of band they’d queue up to see.

At the heart of So, Reverie is the undeniable chemistry between Power and Garcia. Their bond shines through in a sound that’s both sincere and bold. Power’s knack for catchy melodies meets Garcia’s raw energy and rhythmic prowess. Their influences run the gamut from the melancholic harmonies of The Cure and the Lightning Seeds to the shimmering sounds of RIDE, and The Ocean Blue, blending the classic with contemporary vibes from bands like Bleach Lab and DIIV.

Their second single, Sentimentality, conveys a sense of enduring sadness and disillusionment from a love that proved unfaithful. Despite the pain of betrayal and the passage of time, there’s a longing for the cherished dreams and moments now lost. The cyclical nature of seasons and time underscores the irreversible change from what was once a hopeful bond.

“Sentimentality is an extremely personal song to me that is very close to my heart, says Power. “I instrumentally wanted to create a melancholic and upbeat song with the guitars which inspired me to write the lyrics in the way in which I did. It’s a sad song which I guess you 3could say is about the realisation that you have suddenly lost someone you loved. The song was very floaty and melancholic until Cain wrote the drum beat you hear on the song which really gives it that upbeat feel it needed giving it that depth which took the song to a whole other level.”

Harry Harper took the helm for the music video of this poignant jangle pop track, where Andy Power’s rich tenor guides us through the tangled terrain of a love gone awry. Blending scenes of the band playing with moments of introspection, the video serves as a captivating glimpse into their world.

Watch the video for “Sentimentality” below:

So, Reverie are set to rock their debut headline gig in Liverpool at The Kazimier Stockroom on April 4th, marking the drop of Sentimentality. Their first single Decaying caught fire on BBC Introducing in Merseyside, catapulting them into opening acts for bands such as Bleach Lab, Shelf Lives, and Topographies.

You can listen to the new single Sentimentality via streaming here.

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