“Street Man Fighter” Leader Young J Attending Girlfriend’s High School Graduation Resurfaces

“Street Man Fighter” Leader Young J Attending Girlfriend’s High School Graduation Resurfaces

On April 1, Sports Kyung Hyang reported that a Street Man Fighter dancer is alleged to have had inappropriate relations with a minor who appeared on Street Girls Fighter 2.

Street Man Fighter poster Street Girls Fighter 2 poster

The report wrote that the minor expressed her love for the famous dance via her private Instagram account. According to the account, the two had sex, and she got an abortion after getting pregnant by him. In the original report, he was referred to as “A.”

Member A lied to the crew until the very end and, even after we left the team, used us to gain sympathy. I don’t want to bury his morally wrong actions. Please protect the members’ dreams.

— Former crew member of “A”

2. Photos of PC’s convo with her acquaintance discussing the aftereffects of the abortion

– Just the continuous early pregnancy symptoms
– Headache, vomiting abdominal pain
– So many
– Oppa said Just tell it was ankle injury

YoungJ didn’t explain about abortion in his statement pic.twitter.com/17KvVJGq9H

— Exposing Groomer (@dhudzu) April 3, 2024

The accused dancer initially claimed that there were “misunderstandings.”

I am currently solving the misunderstandings and conflicts between the members. Our agency is currently preparing a statement.

— “A”

On April 3, Just Jerk leader Young J spoke with Ilgan Sports in an interview, addressing the rumors. He confirmed that he is dating the Street Girls Fighter 2 contestant in question (she is now referred to as “A” in his statement).

It is true I am dating “A.” But we started our relationship after she had become an adult. Because I was worried about the age difference, we started dating only after getting permission from “A’s” parents.

— Young J

Young J | @justjerk_youngj/Instagram

Young J defended himself, claiming that their relationship began only after she became an adult and received permission from her parents. They are currently in discussions to get married.

We are discussing getting married with both of our families. I would like to say that we are in a serious relationship and that this is not a fling.

— Young J

4. YoungJ revealed that it’s a very serious relationship & considering to marry PC. They first start dating early this year.

YoungJ is a 33 years old guy born in 1992 while PC born in 2005 has just become adult this year

YoungJ took pictures together with PC on her graduation pic.twitter.com/ADMsWweerz

— Exposing Groomer (@dhudzu) April 3, 2024

Despite Young J claiming the two had only started their relationship while she was an adult, some concerning content has resurfaced across social media. Netizens discovered a photo of Young J attending the high school graduation of his now girlfriend. Considering they were close enough for him to attend, many are suspicious.

32 years old and showing up to your girlfriend’s high school graduation thinking nothing was wrong pic.twitter.com/sb2OZevHyr

— so who driving the bus? (@joonshotline) April 3, 2024

She shared the photo via her public Instagram account, thanking him for the “surprise.” She also included a heart emoji. This was eight weeks ago. Likewise, netizens realized that Young J had interacted with her on Instagram.

youngj, the leader of dance crew just jerk (the one that won in smf 1), dated a minor, attended her highschool graduation, commented this under the photo of them together, got her pregnant and made her abort the baby
what a disgusting man. https://t.co/TeRlltKzW9 pic.twitter.com/36S2TTg6eA

— tsuki (@spideyjikoo) April 2, 2024

It was revealed that the first date of the relationship was on January 11, 2024, only 11 days after she became an adult.

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