She Diddy Trends After Woman Cosigns Sexual Assault & Homophobia In 2-For-1 Tweet

She Diddy Trends After Woman Cosigns Sexual Assault & Homophobia In 2-For-1 Tweet

If social media has taught us anything in the last decade and more, it’s that there are a lot of creeps and weirdos out here on all sides. A woman on X had to protect her account after essentially cosigning sexual assault and homophobia in a two-for-one tweet, prompting others to call her She Diddy.

She Diddy began trending early Thursday (April 4) morning after X user @themdolll tweeted some thoughts that somehow got connected to some other recent happenings involving Sean “Diddy” Combs.

The tweet, which X user @ScamFisher screengrabbed, reads as follows:

once i reach fa that dic & you move my hand u can get tf on gay ass ngga

X user @FirstName_Alan quoted @themdolll’s tweet, writing in the quotes, “It’s called consent She Diddy” and all hell broke loose from there.

It’s called consent She Diddy

— Howie Dewitt (@FirstName_Alan) April 3, 2024

For anybody that got here late

— Jesus Crisis (@ScamFisher) April 4, 2024

Since that exchange, She Diddy has gone viral, seeing Combs’ nickname repurposed once again in an unfortunate fashion. In recent times, the phrase “No Diddy” has cropped up which seemingly has a homophobic bent although it appears it isn’t dominating the conversations of late.

As it stands, fans and onlookers are more aware than ever of the specter of sexual assault in the wake of Diddy’s recent legal issues. Further, it’s revealed that some people have some zany views about consent, assault, sexuality, and conduct. Adding to this, Diddy has his fair share of defenders along with those who wish to see his downfall in connection to the mounting allegations he faces.

Perhaps not wanting that image on her jacket, @themdolll has since made her X page private so we don’t know if there have been any other statements or responses to her earlier quip.

Check out the reactions under the X trending topic She Diddy below.

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