NCT Jaemin’s Has A Strong Stance On Handling A Cheating Partner

NCT Jaemin’s Has A Strong Stance On Handling A Cheating Partner

For those who are fans of NCT‘s Jaemin, there are numerous things to love about him. From his gorgeous visuals…

NCT’s Jaemin | SBS | SM Entertainment

…to his silly personality, the idol has always attracted attention.

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Another thing that fans love about him is also how he does not hold back when speaking about things, even roasting SM Entertainment on more than one occasion.

NCT’s Jaemin “Accidentally” Drags SM Entertainment For Being “Cheap”

Recently, the idol gained attention for his thoughts about dealing with a cheating partner!

During a fan sign, a fan asked what Jaemin would do if someone cheated on a hypothetical younger sister, and the idol gave a very solid answer.

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OP: What will you do if your younger sister’s boyfriend cheats on her?
Jaemin: I’ll have to go kill him.

He also gives a handsome smile after he says it, seemingly at odds with what he says.

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This specific scenario may have involved Jaemin’s hypothetical sister, but as a huge proponent of “self-love,” it’s easy to assume his thoughts would be similar on the topic in general. Fans found his answer only made him even more attractive!

He’s so hot and so crazy wow wow That smile got my heart going boom boom

— lucy 🙂 (@lucyinsunshine) April 4, 2024

and with that sweet smile and those boba eyes, i’d gladly be an accessory to the crime

— kat (@ddaltaels) April 4, 2024

he’s so hot for that

— yuri (@wayvbubs) April 4, 2024

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