Mixxy Mayor Adams & NYPD Brass Harass Columnist Online

Mixxy Mayor Adams & NYPD Brass Harass Columnist Online

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A columnist’s criticism of the New York Police Department’s handling of subway crime led to department heads blasting him and Mayor Eric Adams chiming in.
The topic of crime in New York City’s subways has been a heated one, and a new column taking the NYPD to task for not having plans to aid those mentally ill despite the increase in officers present has compelled the department to lash out in posts on social media, with Mayor Eric Adams also chiming in. The column in question was written by columnist Harry Siegel and published in the New York Daily News Saturday (March 30). Siegel criticized department chiefs for making television appearances downplaying the trouble and pointing to the amount of officers, especially after high-profile incidents including a person being shoved off the platform in East Harlem last week.

Siegel was attacked by NYPD Head of Transit Michael Kemper in a post on X, formerly Twitter. “Your readers deserve more accurate reporting. This article is filled with misleading and straight up false information,” Kemper wrote, adding that Siegel incorrectly listed 10 deaths that had occurred in the subway system this year instead of four.

Message to the @NYDailyNews and to @harrysiegel, the author of this article. Your readers deserve more accurate reporting. This article is filled with misleading and straight up false information. Here’s just a few inaccuracies … there’s more … but let’s start:

1. The article… https://t.co/wfjBuGz1DJ

— NYPD Chief of Transit (@NYPDTransit) March 31, 2024

The newspaper would issue a correction afterward, but that didn’t stop NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Operations Kay Daughtry from also leveling a personal insult toward Siegel. “We are the police. And you are a gadfly — who should consider revising their definition of madness to: reading a Siegel column expecting a useful takeaway,” Daughtry wrote. NYPD Chief of Patrol John Chell would go on to blast Siegel’s column on Sunday, saying it “demonstrates the overall disdain for the NYPD.” He would also call Siegel “anti-cop” in an interview on 1010 WINS Monday. Siegel would admit his error but also fired back at the police brass in a post, calling it “Incredible cop talk.”

Oh, Harry! You had to make a retraction on something as simple as homicides stats? We all make mistakes, been there myself. Your timing on this article, plus who you mainly write for, @THECITYNY, clearly demonstrates the overall disdain for the NYPD. The very cops that protect… https://t.co/C1JlqRNRZ1

— NYPD Chief of Patrol (@NYPDChiefPatrol) March 31, 2024

Mayor Adams offered his two cents after both police representatives spent three days haranguing Siegel during his weekly press briefing Tuesday (April 2), calling Siegel’s column “distasteful” as it was published on the day of Officer Jonathan Diller’s funeral out on Long Island. “What you saw from Chell and Daughtry, you saw a human reaction,” he said. Adams has been particularly sensitive after coming under fire in an interview with activist and lawyer Olayemi Olurin on The Breakfast Club where she took him to task for “fear-mongering” and the NYPD’s racial profiling.

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