Megan Thee Stallion Debates Putting Fewer ‘Pop-That-Ass’ Songs On Her Upcoming Album, To Fans’ Dismay

Megan Thee Stallion Debates Putting Fewer ‘Pop-That-Ass’ Songs On Her Upcoming Album, To Fans’ Dismay

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Megan Thee Stallion knows her brand but that doesn’t mean she’s afraid to shake things up — so to speak. During a recent Live streaming session with fans on Instagram, the Houston Hottie debated losing some of the songs that have become her signature from her upcoming album.

“I just remember how y’all used to really whack me for making pop-that-ass music,” she joked. “I really wanted to get on y’all’s asses and show y’all how bad I can rap, so I really haven’t been in touch with my roots. I’m tryna see if y’all wanna pop that ass.”

She gave a little more insight into the progress of the album as well. “How many songs do y’all feel like y’all wanna hear on this album?” she asked. “In my mind, I was thinking 14, but I keep recording songs that’s so good! The first 20 songs I had, I’m just straight rapping. And then I started being in a better mood, so it’s like feel-good songs, and then I got in a ratchet mood ‘cuz you know it’s about to be summertime!”

So far, Meg’s dropped two songs that could be from the new album, “Cobra” and “Hiss,” both of which could fall under that first category. The latter debuted at No. 1 on the Hot 100, so it doesn’t seem fans mind too much hearing her just rap, but here’s hoping that she does manage to churn out some twerking anthems as befits the self-declared “Best Ass On Instagram.” Especially with her Hot Girl Summer Tour coming soon, she’s going to need something for the girls to pop those posteriors to, right?

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