Interview with Visionz2turnt

Raptology: What is your legal name and age?
V2T: My legal name is Javon Everett and I’m 30years old. My birthday is November 11, 1989. Scorpio of course.

Raptology: How did you come up with a stage name?
V2T: I had many names growing up some stuck until this day others where based off where I lived and who knew me. My name Visionz I got way back in Henderson Nc when I started my actual career to pursuing music and it stuck to me when I did a lot of work in the streets because it fit what I was good at  along side painting pictures with the words in my songs. I Started my own label 2 turnt ent which was because I stay live and hype, but when I found a fb with the similar name I just put the two together with my name Visionz and came up with Visionz2turnt or V2T for short.

Raptology: Where are you from?
V2T: I am from Kenilworth, that’s in Washington, Dc born and raised until I moved to capital heights, Md. My family and I moved a lot growing up.

Raptology: Where are you now?
V2T: I am currently residing in Clarksville, TN. Its 40 minutes from Nashville, TN. Cost of living is good which is why I stayed after I got out of the service. But I represent Henderson, NC/ Washington, Dc for life.

Raptology: Why did you first start making music?
V2T: I started making music because its soothing and calmed me down as a kid’s because it gave me a gateway away from the violence and the crimes I seen everyday growing up in Washington, Dc. I started off writing poetry and then freestyling before I was able to write a full song. 

Raptology: Talk me through your creative process.
V2T: I don’t have a creative process like most artists do. I write my lyrics but it’s a new process called freestyle write. It sounds crazy but I freestyle and write it down as I freestyle so I don’t forget it. When I hear a beat I immediately write a verse in less than 5 minutes full 16 bars. I let the music resignate with my crowd so they no there’s no kap in my rap and everything I say is either from experience while in the streets or from family or friends.

Raptology: Have you heard the theory that some musicians write their best music while they’re depressed or going through a bad time?
V2T: Yes, this is a theory that was proven time after time in my lifestyle because of all the mental issues and things I deal with on a daily basis. Some of my best songs were made while depressed and even happy as well. I wrote a whole Ep named M.O.M(mind over matter) before I deployed to Afghanistan and that was a rough time for me and my family because you never know the outcome.  

Raptology: What’s the best advice you ever received?
V2T: The best advice I would say that I ever received was to keep grinding hard no matter what life throws at you. Those are words I can never forget.

Raptology: What were your grades like at school?
V2T: In school my grades were passable. I started off good and then after you age some people stay focused and others change paths. I paid more attention to hanging with friends and my music was getting more noticed.

Raptology: What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received about your music?
V2T: Best compliment I was ever told was to keep the sound I have because I do not sound like anyone else. Another was when a female was listening to my music and said I have a style like Weezy because its creative and you never know what comes out next. Main compliment that stuck was the fact that I can jump on any artist track and blend in as if we are one team while still standing out on the song so you can distinguish the two voices.

Raptology: What’s your latest release?
V2T: My latest big release was my EP called “DRIP GLITCH” but currently I have another Ep that I will be dropping soon with my homie Bigmoshawty and that’s going to take the streets by force because the song line up is what I call straight thru motion. This means you can play the whole ep back to back without skipping songs.

Raptology: Who do people say you sound like?
V2T: When a female I know was listening to my music and said I have a style like Weezy made me feel good because he was one of my ideal rappers growing up because of his creativity you never know going to be said next. I also heard that I have a rhyme scheme of many artist because I can take a crunk beat and make a slow song of it or a fast beat and make something emotional.

Raptology: What are you focusing your time on now?
V2T: my time has been focused primarily on promotion and creating a bigger audience and increasing my fanbase. I’m in a distribution deal with Bentley Records in which I signed January 23rd 2020 and fulfilled it by April due to all the content I had ready and on deck. The plan was to tour end of this year but due to the pandemic I will have to move it til beginning of next year which gives me more time to acquire the fan base needed and crowd attention to realize I am in the rap game to stay.

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