I.M Drops His 3rd EP “Off The Beat”

On April 3, I.M released his third EP album “Off The Beat.” 

This album consists of a total of 6 self-written songs, illustrating and expanding his worldview starting with the title song ‘LURE’, which combines soul R&B, bossa nova/Latin sounds, ‘Bust it’, which calmly but heavily conveys one’s confident confidence over an intense trap sound, ‘X0’ with a smooth sound that depicts the world, ‘Skyline’ with rhythmic beats and seductive lyrics, ‘MMI’ with self-confessional lyrics with an up-tempo exotic melody, and finally ‘nbdy’ which is about oneself facing the emptiness of someone’s absence.

Each track clearly captures the current I.M. It is especially noteworthy that the overall musical direction is clear, but it is not limited to a specific genre or style, and that all songs are expressed in I.M’s unique style through unique rap and vocals with a unique, delicate tone.

“Lure” Music Video

Streaming https://imnameim.lnk.to/OffTheBeat

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Listen to “Off The Beat”

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