EDAM Entertainment Further Refutes Claims Of Staff Stealing Audience Seats For IU’s Concert

EDAM Entertainment Further Refutes Claims Of Staff Stealing Audience Seats For IU’s Concert

A fan was recently mistaken for a scalper, leading to EDAM Entertainment staff stopping them from entering the concert venue at IU‘s H.E.R stop in Seoul. The matter blew up when it was realized that the fan had already sent in the appropriate proof documents to evidence that they had been the one to make the reservation for the tickets. EDAM had also told them to report to the venue and gave them the green light for the verification. It was only when they reached the venue that the staff on hand denied their entry once more. Later, fans realized that the particular seat had been filled, leading to suspicion that staff had stolen the seats. You can read more about the case below.

Fan Gets Denied Entry To IU’s Concert — Other Fans Accuse Staff Of Stealing Seat

Following the accusations, EDAM Entertainment made an initial statement to deny the matter.

We sincerely apologize to the fan who experienced inconvenience regarding the response process. We will work hard to reach an agreement in order to resolve the matter. We will also do our best regarding the case filed with the Korea Consumer Agency. Additionally, we would like to express our apologies to all the fans who were inconvenienced during the ticketing process.

Also, none of our employees or executives received tickets for the show. In order to prevent any misunderstanding, we have all the printed original tickets for the seats.

We understand that this is something that cannot be improved in a short period as it takes a lot of careful planning to prevent further damage. We are working with our team to create a better plan moving forward. We will do our best to make sure that something like this will not happen again.

— EDAM Entertainment

As fans were still not appeased, the company made a secondary statement on April 4, 2024. In the statement, they clarified that they had rolled the tapes to confirm the identity of the person who had stolen the seat. The company claims that the seat was left empty for the first half. During the second half, someone had taken the seat, leading EDAM to believe that a fan who was already in the venue had hopped seats for a better view.

We have also checked the matter internally. We had cameras rolling on site for DVD filming purposes. We rolled the tapes from the moment fans entered to the end of the concert, just in case, taking a look at that particular seat. Firstly, the seat was empty from the opening to the first half of the concert. Somewhere between the two halves, the seat was taken by somebody. Our company did not sell or give the ticket to anyone. There are times where audience members go to the washroom and our staff lead them there and follow them back, checking that everyone goes back to their seats after. So we guess that it could have been a situation where an audience member returned from the bathroom and saw the empty seat, deciding to hop it.

— EDAM Entertainment

You can read more about the incident below.

Another Fan Steps Up To Accuse Staff Of Stealing Their Seat To IU’s “H.E.R” Concert In Seoul

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