EDAM Entertainment Apologizes To Fan Who Was Mistaken For A Fraudulent Ticket Trader

EDAM Entertainment Apologizes To Fan Who Was Mistaken For A Fraudulent Ticket Trader

Recently, IU’s agency EDAM Entertainment received much criticism for the way they handled her Seoul concert. A fan ended up being turned down after scoring tickets to the show, and how the agency handled the situation caused much disappointment among fans.

Proof of membership and reservation. | theqoo

EDAM asked a fan to prove it was them who bought the ticket as they were trying to lock down on fraudulent ticket traders. Although they proved they bought the ticket, they were denied at the door. Netizens then began questioning whether the specific seat was left empty. After seeing video footage of someone else sitting in the seat, netizens accused the agency of stealing a seat from a fan.

Not long after, another fan revealed that someone else had taken their ticket under their name when arriving at the concert. With more than one instance of fans being denied entry, EDAM checked on the situation and released a statement online.

Regarding this incident, EDAM posted an official apology through the official fan cafe.

We sincerely apologize to the fan who experienced inconvenience regarding the response process. We will work hard to reach an agreement in order to resolve the matter. We will also do our best regarding the case filed with the Korea Consumer Agency. Additionally, we would like to express our apologies to all the fans who were inconvenienced during the ticketing process.

Also, none of our employees or executives received tickets for the show. In order to prevent any misunderstanding, we have all the printed original tickets for the seats.

We understand that this is something that cannot be improved in a short period as it takes a lot of careful planning to prevent further damage. We are working with our team to create a better plan moving forward. We will do our best to make sure that something like this will not happen again.

— EDAM Entertainment

Fans hope that something like this will not happen again and that EDAM will take full responsibility to resolve and improve their ticketing system.

Fan Gets Denied Entry To IU’s Concert — Other Fans Accuse Staff Of Stealing Seat

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