Drifting Beneath the Trees — Dream Pop Project Painted Vein Debuts Breathtaking Video for “Lay Down”

Drifting Beneath the Trees — Dream Pop Project Painted Vein Debuts Breathtaking Video for “Lay Down”

Come Down

From the background

Climb Down

From my thoughts and cells …wake up!

Painted Vein is the brainchild of Seattle’s Andrea Fox Volpato, a musician, producer, and audio engineer with a storied background in global music collaboration, including work with MØAA and New Candys. After a decade of gathering insights and experiences through his extensive work with international bands, Volpato is steering his own ship with this solo endeavour.

His first album is a reflection of his seasoned hand at the helm, showcasing his singular vision and expertise. Lay Down, the newest drop from WWNBB and AWAL/Sony, emerged as a beacon of light during the isolation brought on by the pandemic, providing a much-needed comfort and escape for listeners.

Born in the quiet of quarantine, the track peels back the layers to reveal Andrea’s deepest musings, serving up a direct line to his soul. It moves from high-flying thoughts to the solid ground we all walk on, threading through the fog of these uncertain times with a call for genuine connection. The lyrics, with their persistent echo of longing for love and the ability to imagine the unseen, tap into a universal desire for real bonds and understanding in an unsettled world. The song itself is a mellow, psychedelic-infused tune, reminiscent of Slowdive, Felt, and The Veldt, marked by heartfelt vocals and stunning guitar riffs.

The introspective music video features Volpato as a solitary figure, fully embracing the wilderness around him. Shot during a breathtaking sunset on a frozen lake near the wooded outskirts of Seattle, the video captures a moment of serene solitude and connection with the natural world.

Watch the video for “Lay Down” below:

Andrea Volpato took the helm in bringing his album to life at Fox Studio Seattle, handling production, recording, and mixing duties, with Giovanni Versari in Italy putting the finishing touches on mastering, known for his work with Muse and The Jesus and Mary Chain among others.

Between 2016 and 2022, Volpato rocked as the lead guitarist and backup singer for the Italian sensation New Candys, lighting up stages across Europe, the UK, Australia, and North America, and sharing bills with icons like The Dandy Warhols and Slowdive. His festival resume is just as impressive, featuring stints at Psycho Vegas and SXSW.

Volpato’s studio wizardry is behind New Candys’ acclaimed albums “Bleeding Magenta” and “Vyvyd,” both celebrated releases within the indie scene. His collaboration with Seattle’s MØAA resulted in the standout tracks “Euphoric Recall” and “Jaywalker,” and he lent his voice and songwriting to their standout single “X Marks.” His touring adventures have seen him share stages with the likes of Yves Tumor and light up festivals from Sicily’s Ypsigrock to Lisbon’s MIL, not to mention a notable showcase at SXSW.

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