Ever the hip-hop activist, BT The Artist continues to lead the charge for equality with his heartfelt new single, “Change.”  

Dorchester’s very own, BT The Artist, has always been one to speak for the people and stand for the people. A rapper that talks the talk and walks the walk. His kind is few and far between, but nonetheless his kind still remains in existence. Previously releasing an anthem for positive change, “Streets Activist,” BT has refueled and replenished his lyrical storytelling tank to lay a series of bars that tell a tale of oppression, segregation, injustice and broken promises with the release of his new track. The track, fittingly titled “Change” aims to bring about just that. It has been the receiver of high expectations and it should come at no surprise that BT delivers, and then some.  

The track is reminiscent of black musical freedom fighters like Nina Simone and Bob Marley who dedicated their lives and artistic career to breaking the chains of physical, emotional, economical, and mental slavery. BT has taken up the mantle to carry on the Black Rights Movement, and with “Change” he just might place a chink in the armor of colorism. The song tackles the topic by alternating the angles of perspectives. It not only speaks directly to supremacists that stand aloft inequality’s hold, but to his own people that add to the downfall of minorities alike. No bias. No prejudice. Just, truth. And that’s the reason why BT’s inspirational and powerful voice has been sweeping the streets with positive vibrations bringing new habits of thought and sparking the discussions in the right direction.  

“Change” represents the pain, anguish and injustice of minorities. It continues the plea for correctness of the past, giving reparations that were long promised, but never delivered. It speaks from a place of forgiveness yet stands unwavering in its truth, one that layers the reality of inequality currently faced by minorities. BT leaves no stone unturned, painting a clear image of his thoughts and the emotions of all under the feet of oppression. “Change” is his way of shedding light on the unfair dealings of those in power over the past 400 years that led to the undereducation, systematic inequality and lack of political representation of Minorites in America.

The track sets the tone with elegant vocals that establishes the connection of its content to its audience. The information is broken across three verses that details messages through BT’s top tier lyrical abilities. The first rips off the band aid of promises covering the scars of slavery endured by minorities that built America upon their blood, sweat, and tears. It transitions from past to present, detailing the current racism and police brutality being brought to light by the age of technology, yet the ones applying pressure to the necks of minorities point fingers to everyone but the person in the mirror. Verse two aims to break down the walls hindering the distribution of reparations, giving solutions to a problem that seems to show no signs of being resolved. It enforces that change happens in the present and is up to the current generation to take the first step.

BT showcases his genius in the way he brings the track to a close. His view isn’t one of favoritism. The third verse speaks to his fellow brothers and sisters, urging for a stop to violence towards each other, for it’s only a tactic of divide and conquer, closing on the need to vote, not by color, but by the character and willingness of the candidate to take action in the fight for change.  

BT’s voice is one of purpose, expressing his personal struggles, which often sprouts from the roots of inequality, and “Change” is reflective of this. It’s a modern-day call for change over an equality expressive beat.  The single is making the rounds on all streaming platforms, spreading the much needed message worldwide. To follow B.T. The Artist, and keep up to date with his music and advocacy projects, visit and follow his digital footprints:  

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Facebook: @TheartistBT  

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