Beyoncé Gives ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’ A Whole New Verse On Her ‘Pony Up’ Remix Of The Song

“Texas Hold ‘Em” is Beyoncé’s latest No. 1 hit, and while the Cowboy Carter favorite is still going strong, Bey just breathed new life into it with the “Pony Up” remix released today, April 4.

The remix adds a newfound New Orleans bounce influence, which can be most evidently heard in the song’s new verse. Beyoncé sings in the new verse (according to Genius):

“Woke up this mornin’, my heart keeps racin’ (Woo)
Straight to the bottom, we all need salvation (Come take it to the floor now, ooh)
Need you to end this drought, take me downtown
Gon’ leave the truck, whiskey, baby
Let’s get weak and (Weak and) wasted
Might as well just throw it all (Woo-woo)
And pony up, b*tch, don’t hold back on me
It’s a rodeo, we gon’ dosido (Hey)
Broke me in and then you take me home, huh
Give me all of your love, all of your sins
All of your f*cks, pony up
Up to you, but it’s boots on the ground
Sippin’ on a Tennessee, spinnin’ me around
I just see you with a whiskey
I’m drinkin’ straight, baby, all day
It’s a hell of a life
Baby, I just might
Throw a party for the whole damn town
Chasin’ my sins away with brown, oh, oh, brown, oh, oh
I’ma need another round, round, round, round
One for me, one for my lover.”

Listen to “Texas Hold ‘Em (Pony Up) Remix” above.

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