A Female Athlete-Idol Is Going Viral After Shocking Netizens With Her Unexpected Strength

A Female Athlete-Idol Is Going Viral After Shocking Netizens With Her Unexpected Strength

In Japan, the world of being an idol is completely different and can be found in the most unexpected places, including the world of professional wrestling!

One of the most well-known female wrestling companies in Japan is TJPW (Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling) and the shows started running alongside other events such as live music and other idol performances. One of TJPW’s is Miu Watanabe, who made her professional debut in 2018.

Miu Watanabe | @uug_p_miu/Instagram

With her pink gear and warm smile, it is easy to underestimate her but she is seen as one of the strongest wrestlers in the company.

Alongside wrestling, she is part of TJPW’s “idol group” called Up Up Girls, and they are often seen singing before the start of a show. Miu is no exception, as she showcases her talent and charisma in front of crowds.

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Yet, the wrestler and idol is going viral on social media after netizens were shocked at her unreal strength. While it is no secret to watchers of TJPW that Miu is the strongest wrestler on the roster, facing opponents twice her size, it took some netizens by shock when clips of Miu’s strength were on show.

One of the most signature moves in wrestling is the chop, and the sound of Miyu’s palm hitting the man’s chest was blistering.

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After the chop, netizens couldn’t get over Miu’s adorable smile and heart while the man is crouching in pain.

[Video could not be displayed]

As that tweet gained over 20,000 likes, fans wanted more. So the same OP shared another video of Miu but this time showcasing her signature “giant swing” which she uses on opponents, and sometimes multiple opponents.

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[Video could not be displayed]

She then followed with another adorable set of poses.

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The two tweets gained over 50,000 likes together.

Speaking of, here’s Miu Watanabe chopping the FUCK out of some poor dude on a youtube show#tjpw#渡辺未詩 https://t.co/0OIUXdtt79 pic.twitter.com/cq8efFuOiw

— Pete (@pinklightsticc) April 3, 2024

Was also based as fuck, I thought Miu was gonna smash his head against something tho lol. Dude was a real trooper https://t.co/sgjGXw9wu4 pic.twitter.com/FeJplslLgO

— Pete (@pinklightsticc) April 3, 2024

The comments were full of wrestling and non-wrestling fans in shock at how someone so cute could be so strong, showcasing that it’s never good to judge a book by their cover.

This is the greatest professional wrestler in the world. https://t.co/ZzLhFSxKGp pic.twitter.com/apU0hJI0sS

— B-Driver (@TheBDriving) April 3, 2024

Imagine someone breaking your sternum then you look up and see this bruh https://t.co/BZmDHWotmY pic.twitter.com/WYyzq35xjF

— Kiwi (@ProbablyKiwi) April 3, 2024

there would b an immediate marriage proposal if i was swung around by a woman like this i think i would go mad with infatuation https://t.co/Gu1omUn8Df

— mr seabass (@cow_soupp) April 3, 2024

Bruh she’s fn strong….

— AntDaviz27 (@I10Podcast_AJD) April 3, 2024

someone tell the locals about her they’ll be OBSESSED https://t.co/14u3s1LJsv

— mimi ✮ (@candypoii) April 3, 2024

Miu is a fan-favorite among wrestling fans and never ceases to surprise those who watch her for the first time.

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