The Story of Lil Migo: From Loses 2 Wins

What up gang.

Back with the real you know what’s the deal. It’s been a year and some months since Memphis lost the legend Young Dolph, but Memphis has continued to shake and bake with rappers that doing their thing.

One of em is the CMG artist Lil Migo His life been had some near misses before he got to the music bag, but it came with losses of his day one, his pops, and still the beef between CMG and Paper Route got him in an altercation with Dolph’s artist. Is he smart enough avoid losing it all, or will the industry trick him out his position? This is the story of Lil Migo.

Coming up in North Memphis Lil Migo was fortunate enough to have a good relationship with both his moms and pops, but that doesn’t mean his life was sweet. See in Memphis it can get grimey, and Lil Migo was surrounded by the violence and criminal activities terrorizing the city (0:43-0:56) (4:10-4:19) Lil Migo coming up around that environment made him have to grow up quick and become a man. Even though his family wasn’t wanting for nothing, he came up being influenced by the street culture seeing it play out all before his eyes when spending time at his grandma’s house (2:25-2:45) 

What made him go deeper into that lifestyle was seeing his unc and fam nem having the bag and driving round in nice whips. They were his role models and he wanted to be racked up like them (0:16-0:38) Around the 10th grade he started being fr fr dabbling in street activity and hustling to get the quap (4:50-5:07)

Lil Migo would feel the pain in losing a loved one when he was around 15 when his pops passed away (2:03-2:12) His pops was eating a Benihana and told em he was allergic to sea food so separate the meals when making his, but like they didn’t clean off the grill from a previous order for someone else before making his meal and that got mixed in with his causing him to have an allergic reaction when eating leading to him losing his life (2:41-3:08)

Lil Migo luckily had his unc nem to be there to help fill that void left by his pops (2:16-2:30) He made the best of it and tried to do right by his moms by going to college, but that only lasted about 2 years before he said that life was a waste of his time and keeping him from the bag (2:55-3:12) What’s crazy is that even while going to college he was still hustling illegally, and it almost got him clipped when a drug deal went bad.

Lil Migo and his day 1 homie and cuz Thedric Morton aka CEO Bankboy

head over to Arkansas to conduct the drug transaction, but when they crossed over the bridge and got there, they realized folks nem was tryna hit a lick and Lil Migo ended up getting shot when they ended up in a shootout (0:50-1:02) (1:37-1:47) Lil Migo learned a valuable lesson that day about how to move better and to always trust his gut feeling cuz he got that feeling that somn was off about the deal but still went to get the bread (6:26-6:41)

Lil Migo bounced back and was on his grind, but if you ain’t getting run down on, it’s the boys in blue tryna catch you lacking and they caught Lil Migo in the whip with some mary jane and a pole and tossed him in a cell (3:28-4:26) Lil Migo was a smart one and have his strap licensed so once he went through the process he was let off the hook with no worries (4:28-4:45) 

Lil Migo was navigating the street life, but at a certain point in time, he started rapping with his bro that was already doing his music thing, CEO Bankboy. At first he was just playing around, but about a year after he got shot, Lil Migo decided to take the rap game serious and him and his homie was aiming for the top (6:24-7:07_

He used to listen to a lot of lyricists, street rappers and hustlers and his first name was Moneyman Migo cause he used to rock with Moneyman music, but then he decided to go with Lil Migo (8:15-8:26) (4:52-5:16) 

The song that sent his career up was the banger “Rockstar.” After that there was no stopping his rise (1:44-1:54) He caught the attention of Record label CMG. Fellow Memphis rapper and CMG artist Blac Youngsta would call him, which lead to talking and meeting with Yo Gotti after Gotti posted that he wanted to sign him for 500 bands

They would link up and make it happen on stage with an official announcement that Lil Migo was now family in the CMG home (0:43-0:48) (0:30-0:52)

It was a moment to celebrate, bro made it, but a tragedy in the midst of all that took all the joy out of that moment. That same day the announcement was to happen, Lil Migo spoke with his day 1 CEO Bankboy before getting off the phone. CEO Bankboy was heading to the barber, but not his regular barber he was accustom going to. 10 minutes after they talked, he was murked (3:00-3:13) 

He was with a partna, not knowing the partna had his own beefs and the opps were trying to take his head. The went to a barber where he wasn’t used to going. They pull up for his homie and let the hammer fly. Sadly CEO Bankboy was the one that lost his life in that altercation (2:45-2:59) (3:15-4:01)

The news reported that CEO Bankboy was in the car with ole boi when a shooter got out of a black infinity and sprayed the car (0:22-0:36)

Footage of the murking was released showing the hitter open fire and the car speeding off (0:50-0:57) 

Lil Migo got the news and broke down. It was their time to shine. He made it and he was finna take his homie to the top too, but instead he had to watch his homie lifeless (6:56-7:27) As if that wasn’t enough hurt for bro to go through, CEO Bankboy’s fam stopped rocking with him cause they accused him selling out to the Illuminati for fame by sacrificing CEO Bankboy so he could get the CMG deal (8:26-9:38) They wouldn’t even accept his money when he wanted to pay for the entire funeral (9:40-9:58) 

Lil Migo uses music to get his emotions out instead of talking to people

so he got in the booth with tears in his eyes and released the tribute song “The Bank Neva Closed” (10:06-10:29) 

Lil Migo had to keep it pushing and live the dream for both him and his homie. His career was going up, racks stacking to the ceiling He made it and was doing right by his fallen bro expanding into other avenues and business bossing up (22:33-22:45) He would also go major when he signed to Def Jam (2:25-2:43) In an interview Lil Migo would clarify that his deal with CMG was more like a management deal (4:33-5:03)

 But the street politics started getting in the way of the vision. CMG was famously into it with Paper Route more specifically, Yo Gotti nem and the late Young Dolph. Lil Migo always kept away from the beef or talking ill on Dolph after he was murked (2:56-3:16)

He would be dragged into the beef when Young Dolph’s cousin, Key Glock 

would post a snapshot of a message from a fan talking about snatching Lil Migo chain and he cosigned it

That’s when Lil Migo would respond with a message of his own

Lil Migo then tried to test Key Glock’s gangster by challenging him to do a show in the city

Key Glock wasn’t having anyone tryna lil boy him and his status and shot back a response same way

From there it just got out of control. The two was online dropping vids going back and forth dissing each other (0:05-0:45) (2:20-2:41) (6:40-7:41) (1:45-2:13)

Lil Migo wasn’t playing and got on another PRE artist Big Moochie Grape head top too (2:52-4:02)

That now got him heated and he hopped on the gram to send shots at Lil Migo too (0:38-1:25) Big Moochie Grape came at Lil Migo bag exposing him for not being no trapper, saying he got all the money cause of the payout when his pops passed at Benihana (1:40-1:59)

The beef was getting mad disrespectful and starting to bring people deds into it. Next we know, Lil Migo’s was being rumored to be a walking lick cause people was snatching his chains and posting pics with it

Then pics of a rapper by the name of CEO Jizzle posted up with Lil Migo chain on hinting that it allegedly got snatched again

Lil Migo would appear to confirm the jewelry was his when his posted a clip with new chains addressing that matter and claiming his chains wasn’t snatched but they broke into his whip (0:07-0:57) He then posted a pic of how much he dropped for new ice to flex that losing chains don’t affect his pockets (0:07-0:57)

You know the internet was going to have their chuckles off him, but PRE got into the ring to get their lick in. PRE artist Grove Hero, the half man half T rex, 

told Boosie if he catch anyone of them at CMG that he got beef with, he smacking em (1:02-1:25) Sure enough, Grove caught bro lackin at the airport and smacked him just as he promised (0:00-0:35) Lil Migo was the center of attention on the innanet, but he claimed Grove pulled a sucker move and dipped to the cops that were nearby

Grove though called cap and said he ran up on bro cuz Gotti brother put a bag on his head (0:05-1:00) Later in an interview he broke down how the altercation all played out (16:21-18:47)

Lil Migo made it out and living life (6:58-7:10) but he seems to be a target for the opps and he’s beginning to get into these beefs. All it takes is for one dude ego to take over and things get too far. He got it good stacking bread in the industry. Hope he doesn’t let himself get tricked out his position like so many rappers hip hop been losing back to back. Makes no sense to make it out then lose it all over somn that don’t even really matter.

So there you have it. Thanks for kicking it with yah boy, appreciate the love and support. Catch ya’ll in the next one. Peace up and peace out.

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