Stuck in This Life — Berlin Cold-Punk Trio Elektrokohle Debut Video for “I Wanna Cry”

Stuck in This Life — Berlin Cold-Punk Trio Elektrokohle Debut Video for “I Wanna Cry”

In the midst of the pandemic’s most ennui-filled days, two souls, Mona and C., decided to transform their cabin fever into riffs and beats, birthing the Noise-Post-punk powerhouse that is Elektrokohle. Hailing from the cultural melting pot of Berlin and boasting a lineup as eclectic as the city’s Imbiss offering, the trio weaves Italian finesse, German precision, and Brazilian rhythm into a sound colder than a German winter.

The origin of their moniker is a nod to a cult classic documentary capturing Einstürzende Neubauten’s historic first gig post-Wall tumble in an East Berlin factory. It’s a bit like naming your band “Woodstock Mudslide” – cheeky, with a side of historical gravitas.

Meet the ensemble: Suzan Flag, slapping the bass with the kind of intensity that’d make a metronome sweat; Mr. Cigarette Butt, who croons and churns synths with a name that screams “I was born in a dive bar”; and Mona Manie, shredding the six-string with the kind of fervor that might just summon the punk spirits of ’80s Berlin from beneath the rumble of gentrification.

Picture this: ’80s punk barrels into a noise music soirée, gets a taste for the scene, and then decides it’s not leaving until it’s infused the place with some dark, krauty surf and a splash of punk-blues. They’ve dubbed this concoction “Cold Punk” – it’s like donning shades after dark, oozing cool with an air of mystery. Their sound, a visceral blend that calls to mind the raw energy of Suicide, the chaotic fervor of the Birthday Party, and the brooding intensity of Warsaw, is laced with sparse bilingual lyrics, relentless motorik rhythms, the metallic clatter of the industrial age, and a synth line so hypnotic it could lead a snake dance. This is all crafted DIY-style on an 8-track recorder, capturing the raw, unfiltered essence of their vision.

“I Wanna Cry” comes to life under the direction of Brazilian maestro and visual wizard Murilo Sá, set against the evocative backdrop of Berlin’s Neurotitan Gallery (nestled within Haus Schwarzenberg). The video immerses its audience in a monochromatic world where post-punk vigor and raw, unbridled emotion collide. Shot primarily within the enigmatic walls of the Neurotitan Gallery, the visuals serve up a feast of stark imagery and mesmerizing stroboscopic effects, perfectly echoing the song’s deep dive into themes of yearning and desolation.

“Viewers are immersed in a world reflecting the internal turmoil and isolation conveyed in the song’s lyrics, with the stark contrast of light and shadow intensifying the emotional landscape,” says the band.

Watch the video for “I Wanna Cry” below:

Pre-order I Wanna Cry / Abstand.

Elektrokohle unleashed their debut 4-track Tape-EP onto the world last year, pieced together in the creative sanctum of Herzbergstr. alongside Tobias Lill from the eclectic Dong Xuan Productions. This tape spins tales with tracks like Junkie House and the arresting single Vollmond.

The groove doesn’t stop there; a 7″ vinyl is set to make waves, featuring the soul-stirring I Wanna Cry and the contemplative Abstand, all wrapped up in the craftsmanship of producer Fabio Buemi at the iconic Funkhaus Berlin. This vinyl gem is hitting the shelves courtesy of the collaborative efforts of Dushtu Records (France) and Off Label Records (Germany).

Elektrokohle brings the thunder, earning them a legion of devoted fans through their electrifying performances. The crescendo of this musical journey will be a release party that promises to be the talk of the town, slated for April 6th at Tommyhaus. Joining the fray will be Die Anstalt and Lohn der Angst.

I Wanna Cry / Abstand by Elektrokohle

Catch Elektrokohle Live:

Apr 6: Schicksaal, Tommy Weisbecker Haus, Berlin, Germany
May 11: Urban Spree, Berlin, Germany
May 14: Ungdomshuset, Copenhagen, Denmark
May 15: Matverkstaden, Malmö, Sweden
May 16: Platens Bar, Linköping, Sweden
May 17: Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Stockholm, Sweden
May 18: Skjul Fyra Sex, Gothenburg, Sweden
Jul 27: Loophole, Berlin, Germany

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