Review of “How We Met” music video by 38 Spesh and Infamous Billa

Review of “How We Met” music video by 38 Spesh and Infamous Billa

The music video “How we met” showcases an immersive journey, skillfully interweaving its sonic landscape with visual storytelling, notably highlighted by the commanding performances of Infamous Billa and 38 Spesh.

One of the video’s defining moments unfolds during its latter half, where Infamous Billa’s impassioned rap delivery takes center stage, juxtaposed against the more subdued presence of 38 Spesh, whose intermittent appearances lend a captivating dynamic to the narrative progression.

Throughout, the adept utilization of the surrounding environment serves to ground the narrative in authenticity, particularly evident in the initial stages where the inclusion of bystanders adds depth to the unfolding tale.

The video’s denouement is marked by a lingering ambiance, providing a fitting conclusion that resonates with viewers. Despite its brevity, the video hints at deeper thematic undercurrents, suggesting a deliberate effort to convey a message.

While occasional lapses in production values may be noted, particularly in moments involving the performers, such instances do little to detract from the overall polish of the production. Infamous Billa and 38 Spesh exhibit commendable prowess, effortlessly synchronizing with both the rhythm and lyrical cadence throughout the video.

In summation, the music video adeptly combines editing finesse with cohesive flow, ensuring an enjoyable viewing experience while underscoring its potential for broader appeal, buoyed by the commanding presence of Infamous Billa and 38 Spesh.

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