K-Netizens React To “Nugu” Twitter Hilariously Parting Ways With A Group

K-Netizens React To “Nugu” Twitter Hilariously Parting Ways With A Group

It’s KISS OF LIFE‘s time to shine!

KISS OF LIFE’s Belle, Natty, Julie, and Haneul | @KISSOFLIFE_S2/Twitter

The group recently went viral after announcing the teaser video for “Midas Touch” and a single album of the same name. Netizens quickly fell for the catchy pop sound reminiscent of the early 2000s, building hype for the release.

KISS OF LIFE unveils the music video teaser for ‘Midas Touch.’ pic.twitter.com/tMzDtsvrgc

— Kpop Charts (@kchartsmaster) April 1, 2024

Now, the song has been released and is met with an explosive reaction. However, there is one hilarious story taking place: Nugu Promoter, a Twitter account dedicated to promoting unpopular groups, bids farewell to the group after seeing their Hanteo sales on the first day of their comeback.

pic.twitter.com/L483jQdeXa https://t.co/jFxYjpcEZw

— nugu promoter (@nugupromoter) April 3, 2024

Twitter users joked the group graduated from “nugudom,” a made-up word created by international K-Pop fans stemming from nugu (“who” in Korean).

| @louwibitong/Twitter

Korean netizens found the entire exchange hilarious but also heartwarming to see the group succeeding.

“It’s a beautiful farewell” “No but the video is so warm lol ” “Hahaha it’s nice to hear this song for the first time, I’ll add it to my playlist lol” “The quote ‘my girls finally graduated’ is f*cking cute LMAO” “‘Nugu promoter’ LOL” “Graduating (from nugudom) is so hard lmao” “F*ck LMAO” “Ah the gif I’m going crazy lmao” “The video LOL” | theqoo

Congrats to KISS OF LIFE for their “graduation!”

| @weeklyidol_/Twitter

Watch the video for “Midas Touch” below.

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