HyunA Threatens Criminal Legal Action Against Malicious Comments, Including Sexual Harassment

HyunA Threatens Criminal Legal Action Against Malicious Comments, Including Sexual Harassment

HyunA has announced through a statement released by her agency that she will take strong legal action against any kind of malicious comments, including sexual harassment.

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AT AREA, HyunA’s agency, released a statement earlier today in which they claimed to have recently confirmed several malicious posts targeting the singer. They accuse the posts of not only spreading false information and slander but also sexually harassing HyunA. The company went on to share that they plan on taking civil and criminal legal action toward these posts through their law firm.

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While it’s unknown what posts the agency is referring to, HyunA recently created quite a buzz after she publicized her relationship with controversial former idol Yong Junhyung. The former 4MINUTE star posted a photo of herself holding Yong’s hand on her personal Instagram in January. Since then, the two have acknowledged their relationship and have been spotted on multiple dates.

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Fans have since expressed disappointment with HyunA’s relationship due to her boyfriend’s controversial past. The former idol was linked to the infamous “Burning Sun” scandal, during which he was accused of sharing an illegal hidden camera video recorded by Jung Jun Young in 2015. Yong had to leave his group, HIGHLIGHT, following the scandal and work as a solo singer.

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Here is AT AREA and HyunA’s full statement:

Hello, this is AT AREA.

We have recently identified numerous malicious posts targeting our artist HyunA, including sexual harassment, spreading of false information, malicious slander, and defamation. We want to make it clear that we will take a strong stance against these actions.

Our company is constantly monitoring and collecting evidence against malicious posts to protect our artists. We plan to take all possible legal actions, both civil and criminal, against any malicious acts related to our artists through law firms.

We deeply appreciate the support from fans of AT AREA and HyunA. We will continue to do our utmost to protect our artists.

Thank you.


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