“Cancel SUGA”: Why Netizens Are Against The BTS Member’s New Movie

“Cancel SUGA”: Why Netizens Are Against The BTS Member’s New Movie

Why is the internet canceling BTS‘s Suga?

BTS’s Suga

They’re not, really.

At the time of writing, “Cancel SUGA” is trending on X (formerly Twitter) with over 10K related posts.

Naturally, ARMYs were outraged when they entered the app to see that the topic was trending. What had Suga possibly done to get “canceled” when he is currently fulfilling his mandatory military service?

cancel SUGA for what!!!!!

i hate you people

— yoongi high ⁷ (@micdroppit) April 3, 2024

Will block everyone who used the word “cancel “

WE LOVE YOU SUGA pic.twitter.com/sYez4dZp5h

— heidi (@yoonpiano43) April 3, 2024

Many quickly jumped to Suga’s defense. They posted positive phrases with his name to “clear” the negative searches.

Idk who dares to trend something like “Cancel Suga” but ARMYs aren’t gonna cancel BTS for ppls whims and opinions. We stick with our boys. It is our duty to protect BTS from antis. Whoever dares to attack BTS, any member of BTS, will face ARMYs wrath.

— Sunny Days Await (@LovelyDDays) April 3, 2024

Y’all better stop with the “cancel Suga”


— BANGTAN⁷ ³ᵈ⍤⃝ (@___Davina) April 3, 2024

Yet, “Cancel SUGA” is nothing against the idol himself. It appears even ARMYs started it.

Some ARMYs trended “Cancel SUGA” as they were actually calling for HYBE to cancel SUGA | Agust D TOUR ‘D-DAY’ THE MOVIE screenings in Israel. It seems that X automatically trended “cancel SUGA” from the full movie title. Prior to this, there’s been a boycott.

while everyone is online, sign the petition to cancel suga | agustd tour “d-day” movie screenings in the apartheid state of israel!! https://t.co/sT8x0sOroq

— autumn⁷ (@ghiblijoonies) April 2, 2024

Cancel SUGA | AgustD ‘D-DAY’ Movie Screenings in Israel – Sign this petition everyone ! https://t.co/vNajrwCA7b via@Change https://t.co/KCltPHYay2

— ᴮᴱDi⁷⁼¹ | Free palestine (@BEBangtannies_7) April 2, 2024

reminder that it’s our beloved suga name who’ll be tainted and not HYBE!!!!, so move you asses know since u claim to protect tannies!

CANCEL THE SCREENING IN ISRAEL #하이브는시오니스트를퇴출하라 #HybeDivestFromZionism@HYBEOFFICIALtwt@BIGHIT_MUSIC@TrafalgarRel https://t.co/HbbjZhh6Ef pic.twitter.com/dtKRNuhNdp

— 제⁷ 전밤엄마 (slow) (@zuyuuB) March 30, 2024

The call for the cancelation of the film’s screenings in Israel is due to the current war on Palestine. Since October, the death toll in the Gaza Strip has reportedly surpassed 32,900, according to the enclave’s Health Ministry, while over 75,400 have been injured due to the IDF attacks. The surviving Palestinians in Gaza are struggling to survive as they are starving, displaced, and lost homes, family, and friends.

Around 1 in every 25 Palestinians in Gaza are now injured or dead, Islamic Relief says as Israel’s bombardment continues unabated.

— ReliefWeb

Additionally, many consider Israel an “apartheid state” due to its illegal occupation and administration of the Palestinian territories. So, some ARMYs consider it unethical for HYBE to release SUGA | Agust D TOUR ‘D-DAY’ THE MOVIE in Israel, especially during the ongoing war.

Israel’s policies and actions in its ongoing occupation and administration of the Palestinian territories have drawn accusations that it is committing the crime of apartheid. Leading Palestinian, Israeli and international human rights groups have said that the totality and severity of the human rights violations against the Palestinians residing in the occupied territories, and by some in Israel proper, amount to the crime against humanity of apartheid. Israel and some of its Western allies have rejected the accusation, with the former often labeling the charge antisemitic.

— Wikipedia

Upon realizing why “cancel SUGA” was trending, many agreed with its original purpose: to cancel the movie specifically in Israel. Yet, they emphasized that Suga should be in no way blamed for this situation. It’s all HYBE’s control.

ok i saw “cancel suga” and was hella concerned but saw that it was understandably about boycotting the movie since it’s being shown in israel. as a reminder, please do NOT blame yoongi for this – he has 0 control over where the movie is released. that’s all from the company.

— hannah⁷ phannie mode (@hopejoons) April 3, 2024

y’all have fcking lost it wtf do you mean by “c@ncel suga” this sounds like as if you’re cancelling the mentioned artist and not the show, trend something like “cancel hybe” “cancel the show in Israel” stop using the boy’s name mfs

— ⓥ (@ilysfmyunki) April 3, 2024

Still, many loyal fans are outraged by the trending topic and its potential tainting of Suga’s image, so much so that they could not care less about the social issues.

“cancel SUGA” is trending???? it should be “cancel HYBE”?? get your heads checked, please. pic.twitter.com/5lsEWXZLkE

— cyn ⁷ (@DPRyoongi) April 3, 2024

Cancel suga??? I’ll cancel forever y’all from this earth, you fukkinggg assssswholessssss. You think I stay quiet

— Max D PROTECTS TANNIES, VHOPE COMEBACK (@park7max) April 3, 2024

What do you mean cancel suga ! Nah, I’d rather cancel the dumb boycotters.

WE WILL SUPPORT YOU SUGA pic.twitter.com/FL2iIb6BeL

— ~ ӇƠƬՏ (@synda_ot7) April 3, 2024

Lately, HYBE is continually raising concerns due to making business deals that have ties to Zionism and more problematic persons.

Fans Concerned As HYBE Enters Exclusive Deal With UMG Amidst Sexual Assault Lawsuit And TikTok Ban

Previously, ARMYs slammed HYBE For including Israel among the SUGA | Agust D TOUR ‘D-DAY’ THE MOVIE showing locations. Read more below.

Pro-Palestine Netizens Slam HYBE Over BTS Suga’s “Agust D Tour” Movie Showing Locations

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