15 Funniest Things K-Pop Idols Have Ever Done

Recently, K-Pop fans on Twitter named the funniest moments of all time from their favorite idols. While the full list is basically endless, these tweets received the most attention. Check out the list below!

1. GOT7’s BamBam getting a shot in the butt…and then this happened

Wait for the twist at the end.

Bambam telling the story of how one ahgase did the ahgase sign after giving bambam a shot in the butt pic.twitter.com/NluoznmlRQ https://t.co/XuPAlU1CGe

— Atty. Jay B (@arsjiaerwang) March 29, 2024

2. When IU thought she was at Music Bank instead of the “2022 Cannes Film Festival”

The instant regret.

girl thought it’s music bankpic.twitter.com/J2y3WLqIJt https://t.co/c5mOxJ49jS

— .…m (@ofcourseitsiu) April 2, 2024

3. This perfectly timed moment of BTS’s RM and Jimin

This is modern art.

Namjoon realizing he’s standing over where the fire comes out, saying “oh shit” into the mic and then it zooming out to Jimin flailing next to him pic.twitter.com/kMBBpkQVRd https://t.co/cpkNWK2gRn

— DAMN IT LAUREN ⁷ (@Starlit_Lauren) March 28, 2024

4. Obama’s real last name, according to Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon

Her mind!

Hyoyeon will always be iconic for this !! pic.twitter.com/dXCtH6oYWX https://t.co/PwDeTInI8H

— Hyoyeon’s_Magical_Hair (@sharmichris) March 28, 2024

5. When BTOB’s Peniel randomly chose THIS question

The members’ reactions really drives it home.

the day (bald) peniel picked RANDOMLY a question abt his shampoo smell pic.twitter.com/gXBJ9IfYI3 https://t.co/y0BAoY8lZe


6. Everyone’s reactions to (G)I-DLE’s Yuqi saying testicular inflammation on national TV

Wait for it.

when Yuqi meant to say altitude sickness but said testicular inflammation on national television pic.twitter.com/bOkhxlhGtJ https://t.co/GoPlSn0WLE

— Minnie enthusiast (@NichaMainVocal) March 29, 2024

7. When SEVENTEEN’s Vernon became a foreign K-Pop reaction YouTuber by doing this

Nailed it.

what’s up guys it’s vernon and uh https://t.co/M1zYpFg8Hd pic.twitter.com/xLm06aoQqI

— dana ୨♡୧ (@gyukookism) March 28, 2024


8. When BIGBANG Daesung’s did the iconic “smell” scene

The very end is the best part.

back when kpop was funny pic.twitter.com/tFqGvTYJLD https://t.co/2kJqsiW1ze

— #SHEESH (@seungvoirs) April 2, 2024

9. When Wheein roasted all of MAMAMOO on stage

Hwasa was not having it.

“Something we don’t have”

Wheein: BREASTpic.twitter.com/qmuRBH8UP3 https://t.co/6huQ4WlN5D

— Deb (@debbymhrn) March 28, 2024

10. When TXT’s Yeonjun was serious about this dance

He slayed.

it was serious business for him thopic.twitter.com/lIDqG8T2om https://t.co/xyxpKgded6

— Iti✶༊ (Taylor’s version) (@yawnchanted) March 28, 2024

11. When Kai wrote “Sperm” instead of “SuperM”

So close.

jongin writing sperm instead of superm will never not be funny pic.twitter.com/WCYOrCl2an https://t.co/Qcva3V2y43

— sam (@kaijenre) March 30, 2024

12. When BTOB’s Eunkwang made this legendary mistake

It went down in history.

this will never not be funny pic.twitter.com/izGBctbjku https://t.co/L4hRhAgrK0

— jungkook luvr (@sugafixon) March 28, 2024

13. SEVENTEEN’s Woozi in the background of this video

You can’t take this group anywhere.

svt pushing woozi closer to soobin pic.twitter.com/N0GoGV4uhw https://t.co/7PZDILhWA7

— 휘랑단 (@saeuhui) March 28, 2024

14. EXO’s D.O. in this perfectly timed moment

What a beautiful smile.

the way you smilepic.twitter.com/WxNFWMueGo https://t.co/3WSEizvpT9

— rich (@yeolboii) March 31, 2024

15. BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and Taeyang talking about becoming dads…by accident

Things happen!

Bigbang in 10 years?

Tseyang: one of us is going to be a Dad.
GD: “raised his hand”
Taeyang: by accident pic.twitter.com/oql0kWbK3v https://t.co/bmVXlYfsug

— Nai • (@NaiBb_) March 30, 2024


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