RIIZE Fans Are Loving Wonbin’s All-Pink “Barbie” Look

It seems like whenever RIIZE‘s Wonbin appears in public, fans fawn over his handsome visuals all over again. And it’s easy to see why — no matter what his stylists dress him in or do with his hair, he has such a gorgeous base that he makes anything look good!

Wonbin (RIIZE)

Many fans are dreading the day when he finally cuts his long locks, but fortunately, that day hasn’t seemed to come yet. In fact, Wonbin was recently styled with long, curly hair that has been a hit or miss among netizens.

| The Qoo

Along with this hairstyle, he was also dressed in an almost entirely pink top and sweater, giving him a Barbie-like aesthetic at a recent concert!

| The Qoo | The Qoo

Wonbin definitely doesn’t need heavy makeup to pull off a look like this, with his bare or nearly-bare face doing all of the heaving lifting on its own!

This look on him has even gotten him compared to the Sanrio character My Sweet Piano, and we can definitely see the resemblance!

Here’s how fans are reacting (relatably) to Wonbin’s recent look on social media.

curly long haired wonbin in pink clothes oh he’s the princess of the people pic.twitter.com/j4adFDuHnk

— (@binjinsu) February 24, 2024

wonbin pink pic.twitter.com/nKvAZ9Dj9W

— de (@cterwon) February 28, 2024

wonbin in pink today i have a reason to be happy pic.twitter.com/jS8g8mdGZP

— alice (@MEM0RllZE) February 24, 2024

wonbin looks so adorable in pink and his japanese! the cutest pic.twitter.com/dak3EskTOs

— ✾ (@riizebot) February 24, 2024

wonbin in pink is all i ever wanted in my life pic.twitter.com/Ex9ejai0if

— jade ⋆。𖦹°‧ | NOMAD DEBUT!! (@greenteayaku1t) February 24, 2024

An online forum post was made on the subject too, with other netizens chiming in with their opinions.

Wonbin definitely seems like a K-Pop idol that can pull off pretty much any look!

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