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In the heart of Westside Cedar Grove, Shreveport, La, a new voice is emerging from the streets, bringing raw energy and unfiltered narratives to the music scene. He goes by the name JackboyMatt, a nod to his roots and the authenticity he carries into his artistry. JackboyMatt’s journey into music was as organic as it gets—lit up by the embers of a post-smoking freestyle session, his natural talent for rapping became apparent, urged on by the circle that first recognized his potential.

Drawing inspiration from the ‘goat’ himself, Lil Wayne, JackboyMatt’s connection to music runs deep. His creative process is almost spiritual; beats speak to him, guiding his lyrics, as he becomes a conduit for the rhythm and the stories that need to be told.

A typical day for this up-and-coming artist mirrors the grind and hustle of his community—work, workout, and then the work of his passion: music. JackboyMatt’s studio sessions aren’t just about laying down tracks; they’re about tearing through beats with the ferocity and precision of someone who’s found their calling.

There’s more to JackboyMatt’s music than meets the ear. His tracks often serve as a personal therapy session, where hidden meanings and emotional outpourings blur the lines between entertainment and soul-bearing confessionals. It’s this vulnerability that resonates with his audience, creating a bond that extends beyond mere fandom.

Interaction with fans is a two-way street for JackboyMatt, with Instagram serving as his main platform for connection. He values their input, sometimes even crowdsourcing opinions on which beats to tackle next. This level of engagement isn’t just about building a fanbase—it’s about building a community.

For JackboyMatt, the allure of the music industry lies in the ability to vent, to transform personal struggles into universal anthems. However, the path to recognition is fraught with frustrations, particularly when true talent is overshadowed by the noise of less deserving acts. Yet, he doesn’t let the lack of credit deter him, focusing instead on the craft and the message he’s determined to share.

Performance anxiety is foreign to JackboyMatt; his confidence is unwavering. With plans to release a ‘No Hook’ EP at the end of March and accompanying visuals, his readiness to take the stage is palpable.

To those aspiring to make their mark in music, JackboyMatt offers this advice: stay positive and believe in your music. The journey is as much about self-belief as it is about skill. In a world saturated with sound, JackboyMatt’s voice carves out a space that’s undeniably real, undeniably Cedar Grove, and undeniably on the rise.


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