Haunted Nights in the City — Belgian Darkwavers Ultra Sunn Debut Video for “Some Ghost Could Follow”

Haunted Nights in the City — Belgian Darkwavers Ultra Sunn Debut Video for “Some Ghost Could Follow”

Belgian darkwavers Ultra Sunn continue to push the boundaries of their sound with the release of their haunting new single, “Some Ghost Could Follow,” a precursor to their eagerly awaited debut full-length album, US, set for release globally on April 19th via Artoffact Records.

In a world where music often flits from one trend to the next, it’s rare to stumble upon a sound that feels both utterly timeless and thrillingly contemporary. But here we are, caught in Ultra Sunn’s gossamer web.

That haunting synth hook is a siren call, permeating the atmosphere with a smoothness that belies its complex underpinnings. It takes up residence in your soul, making mundane moments feel more…cinematic, the kind that turns a simple walk down the street into a strut down a personal runway, all eyes on you.

Drawing comparisons to grandiose gothic novels, there’s a romantic depth and intrigue in Some Ghost Could Follow, but not the kind that’s tied up with a neat bow at the end. This is the romance of the night, of shadows and whispers; of things left unsaid, feelings simmering just below the surface. The song makes you feel more alive: lighting a fire in your chest and daring you to waltz ever onward with your demons rather than run from them. In an era where so much music feels disposable, Ultra Sunn offers a piece of eternity captured in melody and verse.

Regarding the new track, Ultra Sunn shares, “The difference here is that we are a little more intimate and personal about ourselves and with you. With this track, we invite you to think about these ghosts who could follow you in the night as you wander in a city that you know too well. The streets are paved with regrets, but some ghosts seem so much weaker in the end. In the verses, we mention insomnia, resilience, and the memories that come back to haunt you like a hallucinatory apparition, directly and deliberately interrupted by the mantra of the chorus, like a magic spell, a prayer, a call to order.”

Adding depth to their musical inspiration, the band notes, “The composition has a more orchestral aspect, comparatively, and is somewhat more feminine. We thought of the French-Canadian singer Mylène Farmer, who is a great source of inspiration for us in her way of being, her strength, her character, and her incredible stage performances. Strong and powerful women are often a source of inspiration in their gestures, their relationship with the body, and in their unique sensitivity.”

Accompanying the single is the second installment in Ultra Sunn’s live video series, showcasing the band’s experimental approach to visuals and lighting, further enhancing the track’s atmospheric qualities.

Watch “Some Ghost Could Follow” below:

The forthcoming album holds a special place for Ultra Sunn, as they explain, “The album is called ‘US,’ like the initials of ULTRA SUNN. In addition to being a reference to two records that we love, VU (Velvet Underground) and AM (Arctic Monkeys), it reflects the more personal texts in this album – the bond between us (Gaelle and Sam) being stronger than ever, a new musician joining us on tour, and the bond that we have created with our audience / how the concerts are carried and experienced all together with strength and love. It’s our album, it’s yours, it’s about US.”

With an extensive tour on the horizon, Ultra Sunn is poised to bring their live show to fans across the globe. From the intimate setting of Brussels’ Botanique Orangerie to the vast stages of international festivals, 2024 will surely see Ultra Sunn pull more listeners into their orbit.

Don’t miss the chance to experience Ultra Sunn live on their upcoming tour. For tour dates below.

US is out on April 19, 2024.

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02.08.24 – HAMBOURG (GER) Hafenklang
02.09.24 – DORTMUND (GER) Junkyard
02.10.24 – STRASBOURG (FR) La Laiterie
02.11.24 – DEN HAAG (NL) Grauzone
03.09.24 – BETHUNE (FR) La Poche
03.29.24 – LONDON (UK) Moth Club
03.30.24 – BRIGHTON (UK) Alphabet
03.31.24 – SHEFFIELD (UK) Resistanz Festival
04.21.24 – MALTE (MT) Dark Malta Festival
04.25.24 – DENVER (CO) The Oriental Theater
04.26.24 – LOS ANGELES (CA) Catch One
04.27.24 – LAS VEGAS (NV) Sick New World Festival
05.02.24 – PHOENIX (AZ) Rebel Lounge
05.03.24 – SAN DIEGO (CA) The Kensington Club
05.04.24 – RIVERSIDE (CA) The Hideaway Cafe
05.07.24 – SAN FRANCISCO (CA) DNA Lounge
05.08.24 – SACRAMENTO (CA) Harlows
05.10.24 – PORTLAND (OR) Coffin Club
05.11.24 – SEATTLE (WA) Substation
05.12.24 – VANCOUVER (BC) Verboden Festival 
05.30.24 – PARIS (FR) Le Petit Bain
06.01.24 – BRUSSELS (BE) Botanique Orangerie Album Release party + Guests
06.06.24 – BERLIN (GER)
06.07.24 – KRAKOW (PL) Klub Re
06.08.24 – WARSAW (PL) Hydrozagadka
06.09.24 – WROCLAW (PL) Liverpool
06.28.24 – KÖLN (GER) Amphi Festival
08.08.24 – LOKEREN (BE) Fonnefeesten
09.21.24 – LAUSANNE (CH) Les Docks

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