NCT Fan Goes Viral For Showing “What True Love Looks Like” In A Subway Station

NCT Fan Goes Viral For Showing “What True Love Looks Like” In A Subway Station

As the saying goes, “Actions speak louder than words.” And one NCT fan has gone viral in Korea for being the loudest of them all!

NCT’s Taeyong | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

On February 25 (KST), a photo taken inside a Korean subway station began circulating on Twitter—capturing how “true love can be seen with the naked eye.”

| theqoo

In the photo, a fan is wearing a large poster board reading, “NCT Taeyong’s Second Solo Album Drops Tomorrow, 2/26 Monday 6PM. Please Give The Title Track “TAP” A Listen!” Standing tall and proud amid the commuting traffic, the fan seemed unbothered by the attention that their poster board was attracting.

Once viral, other K-Pop fans praised the NCT fan for the “bravest” form of support. Those who understood how “liking a K-Pop idol and being in a fandom” is sometimes seen in a negative light by the non-fan public saw the poster board as a pure act of love…

| theqoo “I’ll be sure to listen to it at 6PM. I can never look past true love like this.” “Wow, this is so touching. At a station, of all places? I’m sure people were all looking at them.” “I didn’t get a chance to see them IRL, but this is so brave…” “This is incredible.” “This is what true love looks like. The kind that I can see. This is giving me all kinds of feels… I hope both the fan and Taeyong find happiness!” “True love.” “Wow, this is inspirational… I’ll be sure to listen to the song when it comes out!” “Coming out today, then? I want to listen to it, too.” “I’m not going to be able to stop thinking about this… I’ll listen to the song for sure.” “Wow… They’re so cool. I’ll definitely listen to the song once it’s out.” “Oh, wow. WTF? Haha… All right, OK. I’ll listen to the song, darn.”

…and promised to give “TAP” a listen!

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