K-Pop Fans Have The Most Divided Reactions To Former NCT Member Lucas’s Documentary

K-Pop Fans Have The Most Divided Reactions To Former NCT Member Lucas’s Documentary

Following the release of former NCT member Lucas‘s Freeze, a YouTube documentary highlighting the resumption of his activities, K-Pop fans from Korea and worldwide are fiercely divided in their reactions.

Lucas | @lucas_xx444/Instagram

While the video focused on Lucas battling the physical and mental health deterioration during his hiatus…

Former NCT’s Lucas Opens Up About His Physical And Mental Health During His Hiatus

I had terrible thoughts. I was so sorry I wanted to die, because honestly, it was all my fault. Had I not done that, this wouldn’t have happened.

— Lucas

…viewers focused on what led to his hiatus, his return, and SM Entertainment‘s decision to produce Freeze to support his return.

In general, Korean K-Pop fans expressed some of the heaviest criticism toward the idol and management—remaining adamant against his return to the field.

| theqoo “TBH, I think it’s fine that he’s putting out a video or an album. But I don’t think he should’ve mentioned his former teammates. Talking about how he still keeps in touch with them? If he’s serious about being apologetic toward them, he should not have mentioned them at all.” “SM Entertainment is out of their minds. Like, WTF? Their main audience is female fans. For them to bring back someone who LITERALLY committed borderline romance scams with such fans? And to market him like this?” “This is insane.” “I wonder what led him to pursue a career in Korea again… Genuine question.” “The international fans supporting him are irrelevant. Those are the fans who don’t spend cash on their biases. The real, core fans who have the financial spending power have long been done with him. He doesn’t have a lot of those left.” “Even C-Fans have left him. I was surprised when I heard that his China ‘bars’ have closed when his controversies first became known. Like, Chinese fans are LOYAL AF, for the most part.”

International K-Pop fans shared more support, condemning Korean fans for treating Lucas “like a criminal.” In fact, in a collective movement against the negative comments left under the video, some international K-Pop fans began leaving Korean-translated words of support.

| @LUCAS/YouTube | @LUCAS/YouTube “No, sorry, but I’m not OK with this.” “What even is this…???” “A third of the population in South Korea have committed crimes. Lucas didn’t. If you’re looking for someone to bully because you’re stressed, look somewhere else for the real criminals.” “No, I’m sorry. I can’t agree.” “The original comment is saying they’re not OK with Lucas.” “No, sorry. The fans are OK with this! Lucas, welcome back.” “Be real, for once. And think. Have you never, ever, in your life made mistakes? (And it’s not like Lucas made a mistake that was criminal or illegal.)”

Overall, though, the reactions have never been more divided, regardless of where the fans come from.

루카스씨발 상하차뛰는 모습이나 보여줫으면 새끼 간절한갑다.. 생각하기라도 할텐데 좋은 집에서 빈둥빈둥 배달음식처먹은거 보여주면 어쩌라구요?

— 조희솔똥냄샠 (@imMILFhunter) February 25, 2024

F*cking Lucas. If he was shown running part-time deliveries or something, at least I would’ve thought that he was desperate for another chance. But there he was, at home. Slacking. Ordering food and sh*t. Like, so what the f*ck about it?

— @imMILFhunter/Twitter

루카스 다큐 진짜 감성 파는거 알겠는데도 ㅈㄴ슬프고 용서하고 싶음 진짜… pic.twitter.com/968HkciUAt

— 윤루카스팬 (@LukasYoon_) February 24, 2024

I know that this documentary is emotional, trying to squeeze pity out of people… But it’s f*cking sad nonetheless. It’s honestly making me want to forgive him…

— @LukasYoon_/Twitter

루카스 다큐에 대한 내 생각 한 줄 요약 pic.twitter.com/uZ7ooUW16m

— ㅌㅊㅅ 뭄 (@Sabuzakz_) February 25, 2024

My reaction to the documentary in a single sentence, really.

[Comment: You should’ve done better, then. Don’t start with your pity party.]

— @Sabuzakz_/Twitter

Social media platforms, like X (former Twitter), saw a spike of posts from both Korean and international K-Pop fans discussing the video in both supportive and negative perspectives.

the whole documentary…..i feel like i wasn’t watching lucas who i used to know. so many changes in his appearance and most importantly the changes in his characteristics, the way he talks, the lack of smile in his face, the low confidence….

— ★ (@97LEEJN) February 24, 2024

lucas getting to throw a pity party on a damn documentary all while admitting the things he was accused of… but female idols get lynched over the littlest thing OKAY

— a (@sooyafiIm) February 24, 2024

The fact that SM is putting in the effort to make a documentary for him speaks volumes. Normally a company would rather fire an idol than stand by them.
All we can do now is continue to show our support for Lucas and hope that the allegations are cleared in the next part.

— (@HBOOWAlmonds) February 24, 2024

Lucas was driving a tesla, has a beautiful apartment, and wearing designer clothes but y’all expect me to believe he was asking some random mfs to buy him expensive stuff? You deadass? pic.twitter.com/LLfKPuQnRk

— Moon (@BearyTumble) February 25, 2024

The video has since garnered over 1.2M+ views since its release on February 24. From the number alone, it is clear that Lucas’s return—no matter how controversial the fans make it out to be—is one of the most intriguing and anticipated event for K-Pop.

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