The Panthers’ Lasting Influence on North Carolina’s Culture

The Panthers’ Lasting Influence on North Carolina’s Culture

Back in 2015, QB Cam Newton popularized the “dab” and the defense trolled Russell Wilson over his relationship with Ciara. This embracing of rap music connected with audiences nationwide, even those unaware of artists like Future.

Legal Sports Betting is the Next Frontier

Now in 2024, North Carolina has legalized   online sports betting   but adoption remains slow. Still immensely popular, the Panthers have an opportunity to destigmatize betting and encourage new fans to participate.

The Panther’s fanbase spans ages and backgrounds. Newton is still the face of the franchise, now a wily veteran with the same winning charisma. If he incorporates betting references into interviews and touchdown celebrations, millions would be exposed.

Imagine Newton doing his famous Superman celebration after a rushing TD, then turning to the camera shouting “Over hits again!” Sportsbooks would kill for that type of organic marketing.

The Panther’s social media team could run contests around betting lines for upcoming games. Picture a “Pick Em Challenge” where fans predict game spreads each week. This engages fans while associating the Panthers brand with legal betting.

And with sports gambling ads now permitted, the Panthers could announce an official partnership with a sportsbook. Players could appear in commercials and ads at Bank of America Stadium. These partnerships have proven effective for teams in states with mature betting markets.

The Panthers remain an integral North Carolina institution with untapped potential to shape mainstream culture. Nine years after Newton dabbed his way into our hearts, the Panthers can lead yet another cultural revolution by normalizing sports betting.


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