Darkwave Duo Child of Night areThe Poster Child of Darkness in Their Surreal Video for “Overcame”

Darkwave Duo Child of Night areThe Poster Child of Darkness in Their Surreal Video for “Overcame”

“You cannot bury my heart.”

Child of Night has been casting their shadow since 2017. Their first effort of 2024 sees the release of the video for Overcame off of their 2023 tour tape entitled The Fool.

The emotional synthpop ballad Overcame delves into the raw and often unspoken reality of navigating a life that veers off the expected path, highlighting the resilience required to persevere through unforeseen challenges and disappointments. The song acknowledges the universal struggle of facing life’s unpredictability, whether in the realm of romantic relationships or the basic endeavor to survive. Niabi Aquena’s commanding vocals express yearning while also resonating with a potent force, harmonizing with the post-punk guitars and swelling, cinematic synths that accompany them.

By celebrating the mere act of enduring against the odds, Overcame resonates as an anthem for anyone who has ever had to muster the courage to continue, reminding us of the value and victory found in persistence. The song is a love letter to the human spirit’s capacity to find strength in vulnerability and to keep moving forward, even when the future seems uncertain.

The music video for the track, crafted by Justin Rose (Summore), intertwines 90s style 3D modeling with live footage of the band, presenting a dystopian twist on the aesthetic. This innovative approach engulfs viewers in a virtual realm reminiscent of digital worlds like Second Life, Castle Wolfenstein or The Sims, where one finds themselves in an enigmatic dungeon setting, dancing alongside a diminutive skeleton and a throbbing orb. Amidst this surreal landscape, a curious detail emerges – Niabi appears on the wall in a poster, intriguingly portrayed as a non-playable character (NPC), blurring the lines between the virtual and the real.

Watch the video for “Overcame” below:

Since its formation in 2017, Columbus/NYC entity Child of Night has functioned like a shadowy collective. Their musical creations blend a rich array of visuals and sounds, set to the compelling beats of darkwave, infused with elements of ethereal trance and mystical elements.

Child of Night is shrouded in mystery, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. Preferring to remain in the shadows, C.O.N. flourishes by bringing their unique brand of sonic and visual experimentation on the road, while fostering an ever-growing community of like-minded devotees. Throughout the years, the group has honed their ability to incite near-riotous, unconscious bouts of ecstatic bodily movement on dance floors across the United States.

Order The Fool EP here:

The Fool by C.O.N.

Catch Child of Night live:

Feb 24 Orange St Riverside, CA
Mar 01 Sofar Sounds – Clifton Bristol, UK

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Photo: Alice Teeple
Photo: Alice Teeple

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