“We Ship” — Uhm Jung Hwa And Bang Si Hyuk’s Recent Interaction Causes Stir

“We Ship” — Uhm Jung Hwa And Bang Si Hyuk’s Recent Interaction Causes Stir

A few weeks ago, veteran K-Pop artist and actress Uhm Jung Hwa caught the attention of netizens by revealing her well-hidden connection to HYBE’s founder, Bang Si Hyuk.

The revelation was made on the November 20 episode of Suchwita, the YouTube talk show of BTS’s Suga, where Uhm Jung Hwa appeared as a guest.

During their conversation, when Suga asked if Uhm Jung Hwa had any plans to release a new album, she responded that she wanted to do it with Suga as the songwriter. Suga, though flattered, was more inclined toward recommending Bang Si Hyuk for the role.

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Uhm Jung Hwa recalled the times she worked with Bang, including some of her biggest hits like “Invitation” and “Come 2 Me.”

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But Suga then dropped the bombshell revelation that Bang Si Hyuk, also endearingly called Bang PD, was supposed to appear in the popular variety show We Got Married with Uhm. The show paired up popular celebrities who pretended to be real-life married couples while taking part in day-to-day activities.

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Uhm Jung Hwa said she regretted not participating in the project after all, joking that if she had, she could have been a part of HYBE today.

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The clip went viral among fans, who joked that Bang PD and Uhm Jung Hwa could have been the most iconic couple ever.

But recent developments have them believing that all hope’s not lost! Recently, Uhm Jung Hwa held her 30th-anniversary concert, and it appears that Bang PD was in attendance. He posted two pictures from the event, one with the artist herself and another with the coffee truck he prepared to show his support for her! In the caption, he wrote, “Admire you! @umaizing Congrats! #30th_aniversary #2023_concert #초대 #true_artist”

| @hitmanb72/Instagram | @hitmanb72/Instagram

Once he posted the pictures on his Instagram, the comment section was full of fans shipping them seriously. Even on Twitter, people couldn’t help noting how good they looked with each other!

They look so cute together tho. I want this ship to sail

— ãlive⁷_³ᵈʟᴀʏᴏ(ꪜ)ᴇʀ (@whatAGAINbitch) December 9, 2023

well they kinda look good together tbh

— pau ⁷ (@Pauminsu) December 9, 2023

Some joked that Bang PD was “shooting his shot” with the whole coffee truck gesture, while some said that Uhm Jung Hwa is already a “HYBE mother,” given her close relationship with LE SSERAFIM,

my guy got a jacket on, his hair cut, and showed up with a truck https://t.co/hrmrT7UN7D

— indigodreamweaver⁷ (@Tlhatlhu) December 9, 2023

Bang PD shooting his shot, I respect the game https://t.co/chjDGMsNDa

— jade⁷ (@jademinnie7) December 9, 2023

She’s basically already is a Hybe mother… pic.twitter.com/rFnkM5eMME

— Joon’sPebble⁷ (@Rini_Pebble7) December 9, 2023

Now that the ship has been revived, will it set sail?

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