Lil Crimson is Up Next In 2024!

“Lil Crimson was robbed by 4 hooded people at a park , late night in Nashville, Tn and was set up by an old scorned high school sweetheart. He was hit numerous times in the face but acted defeated so the assault could stop. They took his jewelry, a belt and some shoes from the trunk of a Honda he drove , then before leaving him the robbers told him to “stop rapping” indicating they knew who he was.

Crimson rose up as they walked from his car and tried to run them over as they escaped thru a nearby forest to getaway cars. They cut his tires during the robbery so that he couldn’t get far in his vehicle. After the incident, Crimson bounced back working at FedEx and engineering Artists in Nashville.

He then saw his ex months later at an Olive Garden working while being out with his family after church. She actually ended up being one of the servers to their table. Ultimately this is how he got his revenge. Crimson is now one of the most anticipated new artists of 2024.

Watch his interview with “On The Green” below.


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