Koreans Defend Red Velvet’s Wendy Against Trolling Over “Plastic Surgery”

Koreans Defend Red Velvet’s Wendy Against Trolling Over “Plastic Surgery”

On December 9 (KST), Red Velvet‘s Wendy graced the COEX mall in Seoul, Korea, for a collaborative performance for the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra Christmas Festival.

Red Velvet’s Wendy | @Wendy_Candy221/Twitter

Looking like absolute bliss—and sounding even more so, Wendy sang “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas,” “When This Rain Stops,” and “My Grown Up Christmas List.”

Red Velvet fans marveled over Wendy’s unparalleled vocals, and soon enough, clips of her performance began circulating online.

A fan-taken photo of Wendy at the event. | @maplesyrup0221/Twitter

Unfortunately, some viral posts attracted trolls who then commented on how “different” Wendy looks—shifting the focus from her performance to her appearance.

| theqoo “I don’t recognize her. I thought I clicked on the wrong link.” “F*cking gorgeous… SO PRETTY.” “IDK, doesn’t look like the Wendy that I know. Haha.” “I couldn’t recognize her right away. She looks so different… She’s been different ever since ‘Chill Kill.’” [Deleted Comment] “Princess!” “A whole another person. Wow.” “Her face changed so much… T-T”

Some English comments also pointed out the changes that they noticed on Wendy’s face, commenting how the idol is “basically unrecognizable” now.

Soon, Korean netizens came to Wendy’s defense, explaining that she had reconstructive work done due to a tragic and unexpected accident in 2019 that shocked the K-Pop world.

A fan-taken photo of Wendy at the event. | @Sylvia_hys14/Twitter

Some pointed out that it could be her hairstyle—longer than her iconic “Wendy Cut” bob. Others simply argued that Wendy’s face hasn’t changed too much, and that if it seems unrecognizable to the trolls, it’s because they don’t know Wendy that well to begin with.

| theqoo “HUH? I couldn’t tell what’s different about her. I didn’t even know she was in an accident… Regardless, she’s beautiful!” “Wow. She’s gorgeous. I love her warm and glowing vibe.” “But all these pictures are VERY MUCH Wendy. If you don’t recognize her, it’s because you literally don’t know her face, period.” “Look at you all, talking about her ‘plastic surgery’ when she literally had to get reconstructive work done on her face because of an accident. You’re all so evil. She sings well, she has a great personality, she’s pretty, AND she works hard. What’s the reason to be so rude and disrespectful toward her?” “Her vocal skills have reached a whole new level.” “What a doll. She’s beautiful.” “WENDY, YOU’RE SO PRETTY.” “She’s so gorgeous. I love her.” “Some of these comments are straight-up disgusting.”

Calling out the trolls for being insensitive and ridiculing their lookism, Koreans demanded kindness toward the idol—especially knowing what she had to go through after the accident.

People really say whatever they want to someone who literally went through a huge surgery because of an accident. Stop wasting your lives online, leaving mean comments. Wendy is Wendy. No more, no less. Obviously, none of you are her actual fans. This disgusts me.

— Korean Comment

Watch the full concert here.

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