H. Amarr Delves Into The Topic Of ‘control’ With His Latest, Hard-hitting Hiphop Track ‘Voodoo’

H. Amarr Delves Into The Topic Of ‘control’ With His Latest, Hard-hitting Hiphop Track ‘Voodoo’

Adding yet another remarkable track into his already expansive discography, H. Amarr is back again with a brand new song; ‘Voodoo‘ is a quintessential, modern hiphop tune boasting an incessantly catchy chorus hook backed by a punchy instrumental and verses with a bouncing, rhythmic lyrical flow. Thematically, it centres on the idea of how a person can get ‘controlled’ by someone else’s actions hence the overtly appropriate title ‘Voodoo,’ as a voodoo doll acts in the same manner the song describes.

The first verse delves into a rap section which paints a picture of how ‘confidence sometimes does not work in our favour’ and also explores the loss of H. Amarr‘s friend and the battle that came with it. H. Amarr sees this first verse by discussing the impact of Tottenham riots which saw UK legislation change leading to offenders receiving harsher terms opposed to current affairs in which tragedies are felt every other day in youth culture and not much has been done about it.

The second verse, performed by similarly talented artist Fahbz, hones in on a woman’s wants and needs, reeling off a list of car options that he owns – a verse ornamented with flexes and boasting Fahbz‘s lyrical prowess. The track’s recording process took place back in 2019 in Dubai, UAE and in Lagos, Nigeria and was only released this month due to publishing agreements. Be sure to not miss out on this incredible last hit of the year for H. Amarr.

H. Amarr‘s latest track, ‘Voodoo,’ is a compelling addition to his diverse discography, showcasing a modern hip-hop sound with catchy hooks and a vibrant beat. Thematically centered around the concept of being ‘controlled,’ the song’s title perfectly encapsulates its essence. The first verse delves into the challenges of confidence and personal loss, drawing parallels to real-world events like the impact of the Tottenham riots. The second verse, delivered by Fahbz, shifts the focus to materialism and self-indulgence, enhancing the track’s swagger. Despite a delayed release due to publishing agreements, ‘Voodoo‘ is a must-listen, featuring an infectious chorus and rhythmic flow that solidifies H. Amarr‘s musical prowess, offering a stellar conclusion to the year.

H. Amarr has been a music virtuoso from a young age and embarked on his musical journey at the tender age of 7, spurred by the influence of a guitar-playing father. Inspired by this family musical connection, he began crafting beats using FL Studio before delving into the intricacies of Pro Tools, expanding his sonic palette. The versatility of H. Amarr‘s musical prowess is evident in the diverse genres he has explored creatively, ranging from contemporary rock and hip-hop to pop.

The early stages of his career involved crafting beats which established the pathway for a multifaceted approach to music production. Notably, H. Amarr‘s skills extend beyond his own music, as evidenced by his work in mixing for Cynthia Erivo on the record “Stand Up” featured in the motion picture “Harriet.” Additionally, his recent mixing contribution to DJ Khaled’s track “God Did,” featuring Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, and Jay Z, showcases a level of expertise that allows him to work effectively with such big names.  

H. Amarr‘s production catalogue boasts an impressive array of collaborations, including work with Swizz Beatz, contributions to Wiz Khalifa‘s debut album “Rolling Papers,” and involvement in Royce da 5’9 powerful record “Black Savage.” The artist has also left a mark in the UK music scene, working with acclaimed artists like Dermot Kennedy. With a background enriched by diverse musical experiences and remarkable collaborations, H. Amarr brings his own innovative skillset to every project undertaken – keep up to date with all of his music using the links below.

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