Fifth Gen K-Pop Boy Group’s Questionable Styling Earns Mixed Reactions From Netizens

Fifth Gen K-Pop Boy Group’s Questionable Styling Earns Mixed Reactions From Netizens

NV Entertainment, home to Woo!Ah!, is preparing to debut its first K-Pop boy group, DXMON, in January, and the 5th gen group is already garnering attention after their unexpected styling went viral.

DXMON’s pre-debut line-up | DXMON (다이몬)/YouTube

DXMON, who has also gone by N11 and NV BOYS, consists of six NV Entertainment trainees who have been selected for the group’s debut line-up.

The six members, Minjae, Hee, Seita, Rex, Jo, and TK, already have a growing fanbase, who have been following their activities through their YouTube trainee TV series and their social media accounts.

Recently, the group performed live at the 2023 Genie Music Festival, which had a line-up including fellow artists Lee Hi, Zico, Sik-K, Wonstein, BewhY, and more.

Following their performance, they quickly went viral for their eccentric hairstyles, which reminded many of TVXQ‘s iconic “Tri-Angle” hair.

TVXQ during their “Tri-Angle” promotions

During their recent festival appearance, member Jo debuted bright red hair, styled into Liberty spikes, while Hee debuted electric blue hair, and TK, Minjae, Seita, and Rex rocked hairstyles that some netizens found “outdated.”

| @dxmon_nv/Instagram | TheQoo | @geniemusicfestival/Instagram

The “questionable” hairstyles earned mixed reactions. While they received some negative feedback, many netizens also spoke up in defense of the members, understanding that their company likely chose the style for them to go viral.

Supportive netizens acknowledged they were now interested in the group’s upcoming debut, and others felt “sad” that the company wanted the group to go viral for their hairstyles instead of their talents.

| TheQoo “Well, this will definitely get them at least one more look and attention.” “So…It ain’t easy debuting from a smaller management.” “But dang… I’m kind of interested now. Haha.” “Even their group name reminds me of Digimon. This is hilarious. LOL.” “But the K-Pop idol industry is KNOWN for debuting literal babies… So what the f*ck is this? Sigh.” “IDK if the members themselves would want to ‘go viral’ this way. If it were me, I’d be so sad to know this is how I’m debuting after all the hard work that I put in…” “The blue reminds me of Hisashi Mitsui’s hairstyle. Looks like the CEO chose to have them be remembered this way (vs. let them have good hairstyles).” “Wh- what even…?! I mean, the colors red and blue are fine. But they should’ve at least been styled better. T-T Their styles are early 2000s at best.” “A starfish…? I can’t believe people still do that kind of hair.”

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