Content Creator’s Video Goes Viral For Unveiling Korea’s Hottest Street Vendor

Content Creator’s Video Goes Viral For Unveiling Korea’s Hottest Street Vendor

YouTube and Instagram content creator @dust__house posts videos of themselves purchasing items and retrieving them with an RC car.

The content creator’s Pomeranian dog, “Dust.” | @dust__house/Instagram

The driver shows what’s being ordered, the cash, and the drive to the vendor. A lot of the time, the vendors are surprised—though most go through with the “contactless” sale with huge smiles on their faces!

In one of @dust__house’s recent videos, though, followers caught a glimpse of something more intriguing than the RC car’s adventure: A bungeoppang (fish-shaped bread) vendor in Busan, Korea.

The RC car starts off as usual, and it arrives at a vendor selling Korea’s winter street snack staple. The vendor pokes his head out, spots the car, and starts interacting with it. The camera caught the vendor including an extra bungeoppang for @dust__house, claiming he’s a “fan.”

The video brought in 935K views since being shared a week ago. And it seems, based on the comments under the video, that it went viral thanks to the vendor’s visuals!

| @dust__house/Instagram “Where is this bungeoppang vendor? DOES ANYONE KNOW? I’m JUST looking to purchase the baked goods, I promise.” “Where is this located? The vendor looks delicious and the bungeoppang seems kind.” “This bungeoppang vendor looks like he used to be an idol and then made a career change.” “What?! I’m distracted because of the bungeoppang vendor. Haha.” “I made the same face he made when the cover closed on the bread.” “Wait, hold on a minute…! Who is this bungeoppang oppa? He’s so good-looking! And I had no idea the RC car was a girlie.”

Not a lot is known about the vendor, except that he’s a good-looking baker with a great sense of customer service. Based on the reactions, though, it looks like he has gained a handful of fans!

Watch @dust__house’s most viral sushi-shopping video here:

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