ZEROBASEONE’s Ricky Goes Viral With Locals For His Satoru Gojo Cosplay

ZEROBASEONE’s Ricky Goes Viral With Locals For His Satoru Gojo Cosplay

Introducing himself as “tall and handsome,” “charisma boss baby,” ZEROBASEONE‘s Ricky has proven that phrase true. Since his official debut, his visuals have only grown more handsome as he tries different styling.


Known for his blond hair, Ricky recently went viral after proving he can rock dark hair just as easily.

Ricky has gone viral yet again, this time for cosplaying a beloved and popular anime character!

Jujutsu Kaisen is a series set in a world where individuals able to control the “cursed energy” that humans release train to protect humanity. The story is centered around a teenager, Itadori Yuji, who hosts a Curse named Sakuna in his body.


The series’ arguably most popular character is Saturo Gojo, Yuji’s teacher and mentor. Gojo is a playful man, considered very attractive by those who watch the series.

This is especially true when Gojo lets his white hair fall naturally and trades in his eye coverings for circular sunglasses, exposing his blue eyes. Following Gojo’s death in the series, fans worldwide were left in mourning, a testament to his popularity.


During a recent fan sign, Ricky made dreams come true when he put on a costume brought in by a fan. All it took was Gojo’s student jacket and the sunglasses for Ricky to transform!

| Crunchyroll

Ricky posed for fans, making the character’s signature hand pose.


— baby cat ricky (@qnuarui) December 8, 2023

In addition to leaving fans in awe of his impromptu cosplay…


— crys (@shimkcngz) December 8, 2023

I’ve been telling y’all Ricky is the real Gojo

— dem • 🪷 (@gojoulicious) December 8, 2023

ricky knowing gojo satoru and his infinite void sign does not feel REAL omg

— rae (@0520RICKY) December 8, 2023

…Ricky managed to attract the attention of “locals!”

An anime and manga-focused TikTok account posted photos and clips of Ricky’s Gojo in a video, causing the idol to go viral. As of writing, the TikTok has over 1 million views and 43.8 thousand bookmarks.


The one time bro doesn’t wear blue contacts #gojousatoru #gojo #jjk #ricky #zerobaseone #zb1 #kpop #fyppp #anime

♬ original sound – ✮ rin – ✮ rin

In the comments, many expressed they might get into K-Pop and ZEROBASEONE after seeing Ricky!


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