Zach Hirsch is a next level connector

Zach Hirsch the twenty year old Co-founder of Mozverse, a Miami based Web3 development company has had a busy week. “With Art Basel in town I’ve been all over Miami. I’ve been at event after event with my partner. Jadakiss every night and with Mozverse CEO, Danny Mozlin in meetings all day. No time for sleep, this is go time.” Hirsch who’s official title is Chief Evangelist is a next level connector who has Mozverse collaborating with some of the biggest names in hiphop, fashion and sports.

“We are working very closely with our partner, Scott Storch to make the Mozverse Platform and LiveStadium on a different level than what you’re see in other early metaverse enviroments. We are working on a hyper fidelity audio and video experience that going to have users feeling totally immersed. I have been lucky enough to be on stage or backstage at the biggest shows and music festivals and to be on the sidelines at the biggest games. I want to give every kid and everyone for that matter the same experience. I want them to feel every beat and every hit and to be able to reach out and really interact with the bggest stars like I’ve been able to.

That’s the experience I want to share but in a hyper real environment with the most realistic avatars and a few things nobody’s done to date.” One of the biggest trends in Web3 is virtual wearables and the biggest brands are jumping in. Forever 21 made the physical version of it’s Metaverse wearables available in it’s stores this week launching the F21 Collection allowing customers to wear the same outfits in their day to day life that their avatars are wearing in virtual games.

Nike’s NFT wearables have already generated over a billion dollars on the secondary market proving the demand for virtual Web3 accessories is already booming. Hirsch seems to understand that the culture wants more than an improved music experience. “We are not limiting ourselves to just the performance aspect of the Live Stadium we are working on partnering with some of the biggest game developers and festivals to bring not only more real avatars but the wearables and digital collectibles that users want. I met with Jeff Hamilton and other designers this week and we’re looking to collab with the best to upgrade the styles available.”

Mozverse has leveraged Zach’s relationships to bring artists and influencers of all genres to work with Mozverse. “We just did a commercial that I wrote and produced for our Ultranode, Web3 Engine. It featured my guy, Tyreek Hill the fastest man in the NFL, my partner Jadakiss and my friend, Big Mike Majlak the Co-host of Impaulsive. It was great working with friends. My guy, Brandon Marshall let us use his facility for free and we made a Super Bowl quality commercial for five figures.”

Major social platforms such as Meta fka Facebook and highly financed Metaverse projects like Sanbox and Decentraland have had a hard time drawing users to their virtual environments, so do people really want to be immersed? “People are looking for authentic experiences and companies want build their brand in Web3. The Travis Scott Fortnite experience drew twenty seven million people two years ago but these are kids like me who want a gamefied experience and entertainment that hits with Gen Z .

People have spent and probably wasted billions of dollars because they didn’t know their audience and some of what they put out was so cringe. A big demand exists for the right experiences.” Looking forward to the digital future of media and entertainment where a more immersive and decentralized experience gives fans a greater experience and creators a greater opportunity. I believe live entertainment and fashion will reach new levels with mass adoption of Web3 and I think young thought leaders and influencers like Hirsch who can connect with the next-gen are going to drive that adoption.

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