VIXX’s N Gets Slammed Again For The “Bad Timing” of His Interview

VIXX’s N Gets Slammed Again For The “Bad Timing” of His Interview

In November 2023, VIXX member N (also known as Cha Hak Yeon)received criticism from some fans when he announced that he would not be participating in the group’s long-awaited comeback.

VIXX’s N | 51K

His handwritten letter explaining the situation was met with anger from Koreans, who viewed his actions as “abandoning the group.”

Third-Gen Idol-Actor “Abandons” Group, K-Netizens Express Anger

Fast forward a month later, to December 8 (KST), and the member is facing backlash again—for talking about what happened with VIXX in an interview.

The said interview was held in celebration of the K-Drama Castaway Diva coming to a successful end. During this interview, N “expressed regret” for not having been able to be a part of VIXX’s CONTINUUM album.

I know that it was upsetting for the fans. It’s one of the biggest things that I regret in 2023.

When the album was in the works, the members and I talked a lot. We started communicating about it in April, but I’d made the decision to shoot the K-Drama before then. And it was clear that the schedules would clash.

It did not make sense for the members to postpone the album, though. So, as unfortunate as it was, I opted out of the album. When the album came out, the members and I went over everything together. And I felt so proud of them. I also watched them perform, and they looked so amazing. It was emotional. I was sorry, and I was grateful.

—  N

The interview, however, was not well received. Some of VIXX’s oldest fans pointed out that N’s interview came at the worst timing, since VIXX’s three-membered concert is scheduled for the following nights of December 9 through 10.

VIXX’s concert poster. | @RealVIXX/Twitter

Hundreds of comments called him out for “raining on VIXX’s parade” and shunned the member from the group.

| theqoo “What’s with the timing of this interview? The three members of VIXX are supposed to be holding their concert tomorrow…” “Be a decent human being and leave the group. If you’re really sorry, that is. Stop mentioning the rest of the group. Go keep doing your own thing.” “Just… Stop talking about the whole thing… Please.” “How come he keeps talking about it? It’s like he wants to poke fun at the fans or something.” “Sounds like a lot of f*cking noise coming from him.” “I had no idea VIXX is holding a concert tomorrow. This timing of this interview feels even more selfish now.” “I’m genuinely curious when I ask why he’s trying to stay a part of VIXX… Like, he can leave the group.” “At this point, I think it’d be best for him to drop the group. I’m not even a huge VIXX fan, and even I can tell that he’s not too interested in group activities. I don’t understand why he insists on staying a part of the group.” | theqoo “I’m not a big fan of VIXX or anything, so I don’t know the details of what’s going on… But I watched Amazing Saturday. And he didn’t seem too passionate about doing the VIXX choreographies.” “Some fans might think that it’s smart of him to hold on to VIXX in case his solo pursuits fail or whatever… But IMO, it’s better for him to get rid of his idol background, at least in the acting business. It’s not like VIXX has a huge international following OR the group is super well-off. So it’d be better for N himself to leave the VIXX label, if he’s serious about pursuing his acting career, too. I don’t know what he’s thinking.” “As if this is the first time he abandoned the group… LOL. Please leave the group. I don’t even know how having VIXX to his name will help him at this point. And I certainly hope that he doesn’t think he’s still the leader of the group…?” “I don’t want to hear it.” “If he was serious about his leader role, he would’ve stood up for his group first.” “Can he please stop talking about VIXX?” “I hate how he keeps raining on VIXX’s parade whenever the three members are trying to do something for themselves. Like stop trying to add your two cents. I may not be a huge VIXX fan, but even I can tell that a leader should not be doing this.” “I’m still baffled that none other than the leader himself would do this to VIXX. I mean, I feel so betrayed. Just hand over the leader role and leave the group, please.” “Wait, what?! I thought he already left the group…”

In the meantime, regardless of the online backlash toward his decision, N remains supportive of the three active members of VIXX and often showcases his love for them via his X (Twitter) account.

함께 들어요!#빅스 #VIXX#CONTINUUM#Amnesia#231121_6PM

— 차학연 VIXX_N (@CHA_NNNNN) November 21, 2023

Let’s listen to it together!

— N

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